Tuesday, 23 February 2016

East Lothian aquatics - the perfect match

So guys, As you know, I am always looking for way to improve our group. I am always in contact with various people to plant the next event. We have #mytankmonday which is a great success and I'm hoping to do some more interviews again soon. Recently I was contacted by Phil from East Lothian Aquatics.  Phil is in the process of relaunching his store and has been looking for a reputable Facebook page that runs on the same principles he runs his store. Help and advice are paramount, “we all started somewhere”.
We believe being a fish “geek” doesn’t mean you must be able to identify every fish by its common or Latin name, nor does it mean you should have a degree in Chemistry. For Phil and I  it should be primarily about the sheer enjoyment and fun of caring and looking after our water friends Phil has been a member of Lothian Fishkeepers for a while now and has been watching closely how our group is run and believes we would be a near perfect match for Ela (East Lothian Aquatics).
 Ela sponsorship of Lothian will be based help and advice. Therefore our first sponsored bit of fun is based on advice and tips . This could be filtering, lighting, heating, water prep, plant care, aquascaping, feeding , algae’s, snails, individual care tips, feeding water qualities, even money saving tips! Prizes will be store credit. This is the best way to appeal to everyone.
For our first Ela sponsored competition we will have 3 prizes based on the best advice/tip given on the completion post which will get pinned to the top of the page running through the month of March.
 The prizes are as follows. 
For April, We will be looking for the best 3 product reviews to win the prizes and full details will be announced closer to the time. Along with competitions, all Lothian Fishkeepers members will receive a minimum of 10% discount in store. Phil and I have also been in long chats about what else would benefit our community. We are looking at regular meets, auctions and table shows, workshops and speakers. Our George Farmer night was a great success so let’s take that lead and run further with it.
Some of you know have already to spoke to a couple of really experienced fish keepers in their field and the response had been more than positive so I will be announcing details in time about these events. Having the use of East Lothian Aquatics store for such events will remove the need to charge for tickets. 
In return for all the above, Phil and Ela  will be our preferred sponsor , allowed to advertise on Lothian Fishkeepers. Since joining our group, He has sent many a customer our way for support and ongoing advice. East Lothian Aquatics has has never been advertised until now. The store although not completely ready is now in better shape and definitely worth a visit. With just under 100 species of freshwater fish currently in store and plans for that to quadruple in the very near future.
East Lothian Aquatics offers very competitive, off the shelf pricing but will always price match, even online pricing. How can an independent price compete  against the big boys or even online ?  A few years ago Phil was ready to retire from the Aquatic trade and concentrate on home life. He decided against it and instead totally reconsider the store setup and cutting the fixed costs. Phil is now confident that no other retailer is running their store more cost effectively. The store is all LED lighting, 50% of all heating is produced by a wood burner, majorly improved insulation, water changes done by the flick of a switch, and a rural location that doesn’t cost a quarter of a high street site but still only 10 minutes from Fort Kinnard or Dobbies.

East Lothian Aquatics is a dying breed of aquatic store, a PROPER aquatic shop, were the people selling you fish are experienced fishkeepers themselves, who care, can advise and help making sure your aquarium is there to be enjoyed for years to come. Our group is more than just another Facebook group. We are a community of friendly, kind and respectable aquarist hobbyists. This partnership will only serve to strengthen our community and allow us to continue to be Scotlands leading aquarist Facebook group!!! 
Bye for now


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