CO2 ART DIY KIT - Day eight

So Im into day eight now and I am really seeing some steady growth now. My red tiger lotus plant has exploded (thanks for the heads up James Leason) I must have had about 3 inches of height in my background stem plants. I have only made one change to the hardscape and that it the removal of one of the stones at the front. This is to allow for more plant growth. I had hoped for an improvement in my carpet coverage but its only been one week and given the growth elsewhere, I'm still very pleased. 

I contacted CO2 Art for some tips and I explained my routine to them. The advice I received was that its best to turn the CO2 on about two hours prior to switching lights on. This allows a nice build up in which the plants will thrive on when they start to absorb the CO2. I have also been advised that my method of switching off the lights and CO2 for a "siesta" period would be counter productive and actually encourage algae growth. 

Armed with this advice, and a new bubble counter on its way, I will be turning CO2 on around 7am tomorrow and the lights will go on around 9am.
You can see the additional surface shoots on the tiger lotus and extra height form the planet at the back

From the original starting point, its clear to see the growth all-round. Greener, Fuller leaves everywhere.

One thing Ive noticed is the production of CO2 has slowed down slightly. This may be down to my mix recipe. There are lots of different mixes to go by so when the new bubble counter arrives, I will make a new mix up. More sugar means more food for yeast. I'm assuming I've held back a little on the sugar this time round.

To round up, still very impressed. Im now really confident around the kit and fully understand how it works. Absolutely delighted with the after sales support from Dave at CO2 Art. 

My next addition to this tank may be Crinum Calamistratum if I can get my hands on one and also some more carpet grass of some kind to fill in the spaces and create a mixture of textures. Also I think the diffuser may be suited to a different shape of tank. I'm going to play around with various attachments I have to see if i can divert the flow away from the Tiger lotus slightly.

If there is anything else you would like to find out, comment below and I will get back to you asap.

Bye for now

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