Day 4 of EI Dosing the Tissue Cultures

We are now four days into the EI Dosing routine. So far I have noticed that there has not been any die-off from any of the Hortilab tissue cultures I'm using. Previous experience with the more mature plants and without any nutrients, I always see some level of die-off. I considered this to be normal. There has been the normal uprooting that comes with newly added plants and with the tissue cultures being very young, their roots are smaller than normal too which makes it a little trickier to get into the substrate.
My daily routine includes adding 1 pump action of CO2 Art Macro EI Easy Way solution for every 10 litres of tank water, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I add 1 pump action of CO2 Art Micro EI Easy Way Solution. 
each bottle cost £9.99

The Theory behind EI dosing is to overload the tank with nutrients so the plants get the maximum amount of food possible. This does however this process does add Nitrate, Phosphate, Iron and magnesium to your aquarium and over time this could have a detrimental effect on your water.Eqch week a large water change is required to remove any excess nutrients before the following weeks dosing commences. 
So far I am liking the colour in all the plants and they look very health. I will continue to dose daily. My next addition to the daily routine will be a liquid CO2 additive. 

For more info on the products I amusing, either clock on the links on this blog or comment below.

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