Practical Fishkeeping

I can remember growing up, my dad would read Practical Fishkeeping Magazine every month. He kept every copy and would always go back to them whenever looking for information. Before the internet was available, magazines like this were, for some people, the only available up to date reference.

When I started keeping fish myself in 1999, The internet wasn't readily available to me either. each Sunday, I would return home full of a Sunday meal and a Lever arched folder full of PFK to read. One thing that always helped me was the readers  Q & A section. It was always full of great advice.

Now, 17 years on, I still enjoy reading PFK each month. The Letter section is still filled with great advice. With the addition of social media, PFK has become more interactive than ever. Now its far easier to contact the editing team with letters or to share photos. As well as reading the magazine each month, we can now interact with the PFK team on Facebook and this offers so many opportunities to meet other fishkeepers and share advice etc.

Practical Fishkeeping magazine for me goes hand in hand with fish keeping and anybody who has an aquarium at home, no matter what kind of fish, should read this publication every month.

Keep up the good work guys.

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