Changing it up a little...

Lothian Fishkeepers has been running for a while now. We have really come together as a group and I can honestly say that I never ever thought we would get to where we are today. Thank you.

Ive seen other groups become popular and end up becoming notice boards for other groups sharing links or business pages sharing sales posts. Some have got so bad they become unusable. I would just hate for this to happen to Lothian Fishkeepers.

Last week I posted on our Facebook group stating that I was looking to change some things regarding advertising on the page. Im not doing this for any other reason but to preserve our group. I want our news feed to be a place where we can share our success stories or ask for advice. Our news feed should be a place where we discuss our hobby and share experiences not be bombarded by endless links to other pages or sales posts.

Ideally, I will make two posts a week which will be sales related. One for business folks and one for the members. I will start with the business posts. If you run a business and wish to share anything with the group, please send me an email or pm with all the details of your add, I will confirm with you if we can hare your post and I will add it into the next weekly post.

If all goes well with the business posts, I will then do the same for the private sales. In the meantime, If you would like any of your fish to be featured in a blog post, I will happily do so if you can pass me all the details...

I only want our group to be great guys so if you have any other ideas for Lothian Fishkeepers, I will always be happy to listen.

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