Its Official!!

So I finally got round to making the flyer for the upcoming Tabletop sale on 24th April. Ive included some basic info for now but as we approach the day, I will be speaking with all sellers and getting details on what will be available for us to buy. This is exiting times and I'm really looking  forward to this day. The last Tabletop sale was my first event and as awesome as it was, I found it really stressful. This time round I will know what to expect and after lots of advice from our community, I will have in place measures to prevent the rush at the start and we will be more organised all round.

If you would like to help on the day, please get in touch. This is everybody's group  and these are the events that make our group great.

I plan to have 15-16 tables on the sale area and about 6 tables in the Shrimp show area. So far I have reserved 9 tables so if your planning on selling, let me know asap to get a table reserved.

Looking forward to meeting you all again guys, lets make this a great success again and continue to be the best Fishkeeping Group in Scotland...

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