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Hi guys,

Community spirit is very important to me. Here in Lothian Fishkeepers, we would not function if we didn't help each other. Trading fish is one thing but truly helping is the most important element of our group.

We all share great advice and we are able to debate healthily over certain issues which only shows we are one of the better groups on Facebook. Too many groups are full of hot headed folks that think they know better and take great pleasure in shooting down a newbie for getting it wrong (heaven forbid)

An idea that was suggested to be earlier this week has become something I feel is a must for our group. We all know the importance of maturing filter media and the potential damage to your ecosystem you could do if you replace too much at once.

Phil Jennings, put it to me that we should have a system in place for anybody requiring access to mature sponges or media, they could borrow some to aid the seeding of there new filter. Another member suggested we do straight swaps. when we buy a new filter, we swap the new media with someone who has extra media so they are not loosing any media in the process.

This is just another example of our great community spirit guys and why Im proud to be the administrator of such a nice group.

so if you need any help with kickstarting your tank, just ask, someone will be able to help.

be sure to check out East lothian Aquatics one the weekend too and take advantage of our discount. Remember Phil will match any price you see online.

bye for now

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