Tabletop Sale - Take two

On the 24th April Lothian Fishkeepers holds its 2nd tabletop sale. Our first table top sale took place back in November and we attracted over 200 people. the venue was Forestbank Community Centre which is a lovely venue for this kind of event with the open kitchen area and modern interiors. 
After speaking to people after the event, it was all positive feedback but we all agreed that the hall was a little on the small side for the volume of people the event attracted.

This time round I have booked a larger hall, the Livingston station community centre. This has been decorated the same as the forest bank centre so i know it will look just as good however there is more space available. 

Table sales allows private breeders and hobbyists to sell there own bred fish along with any other fish they wish to move on. they can sell equipment and even aquariums, food and plants. One thing that I noticed at the last event was the limited availability of freshwater shrimps. 

I have been speaking and planning with Barry Horrocks from Freshwater shrimp group on Facebook. This means that on the 24th April, we will have our tablesale and at the same time there will be Scotlands first ever shrimp show. Barry has been telling me that through his sponsors, he has some great prizes for the winners of the shrimp show.

Now that the WLAS auction is behind us, its time to start focussing on our tabletop sale so if anybody would like a table please get in touch. currently half of the tables have been reserved so we still have some left but I don't think they will be available for long (hopefully)

If anybody has any requests or ideas about how we could make the day better, please also get in touch as this is everybody's group and I am always looking for ways to improve Lothian Fishkeepers.

Bye for now

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