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Hi Guys,

For some of us, keeping just one tank is simply not an option. Some species require that you have additional aquariums to provide the correct care. Malawi cichlids for one, breed like mad and the only way (in my opinion) to successfully raise fry is to have three tanks. The main display tank, a holding tank for females to spit out the fry and a nursery tank to raise fry. Ive personally ran set ups like this in the past with great success.

My current set up is not designed for breeding. My life is too busy for that aspect of fish keeping but i do have two tanks on the go. My son has an Aquaone UFO 550 in his bedroom which is fully planted and home to some shrimp and peal danios. My main tank is a Juwel Trigon 190 which is currently home to some praecox Rainbows, peacock gudgeons and some corries.

Running two tanks is enough for me. I find it difficult to get the time to regularly maintain the two and although I would like to have more, for now I will stick at two.

There are fishkeepers amongst us that have super powers and are somehow able to maintains in excess of 20 tanks. These special breed of aquarists lay claim to the much envied Fish Shed. The time and effort that goes into building and running a shed that houses multiple tanks is undeniable. Water changes and regulating heat must be tricky and then worrying about all the different water perimeters for each species of fish gives me a headache just thinking about it.

There are no rules to building your own fish shed. I have seen many sheds and each one is unique. Some people opt to heat tanks separately yet some have success only heating the shed itself. Some use automatic water change systems and others like to do them all manually.

The benefits to running multiple tanks are great, especially for breeding. A lot of fishkeepers are so successful with their breeding projects that they can pretty much  fund their hobby by selling off the fry to other hobbyists.

I want to take a closer look at all the ups and downs of running fish sheds so will be posting some step by step guides on building the shed. If you would like to share your story, please get in touch.

Kris Lee has kindly offered his story up first so look out for that coming soon.

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