Tissue Cultures, Delecate little things

Hi guys, As you know Ive been running two planted tanks, one with Substrate, CO2 and EI and one with no plant substrate and only EI Dosing. The latter tank was home to some Hortilab Tissue Cultures which Started off very well. Things have took turn for the worst and I'm losing a lot of my Eleocharis SP and Echinoderms Tenellus. 

After some research and advice from Aquarium Gardens, I confirm that the issue is the lack of CO2. Tissue cultures are in effect baby plants. The need feed lots of nutrients which the EI dosing kit was doing but the also need CO2 to promote growth at the same time.

For now, I have installed a DIY CO2 Generator to save the remaining cultures and hopefully sometime soon I will be able to install a pressurised system. I will continue to EI Dose using the CO2 Art kits and i hope to see an improvement by the end of the week. I will post some photos later to show the damage and we can gauge how effective the CO2 is in 1 weeks time.

bye for now

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