Work with me here guys...

Hi guys,

My tank Monday was an idea I came up with to start to get to know more about all our members. we all like to show of our pride and joy and the weekly feature was a way for us to do this. I cannot do these  features without the support of you guys though. I need you to offer up a quick insight into your fish world and share some photos along with answer some set questions. I do all the hard work and it really is not time consuming. If you are proud of your tank and you want to share your story, get in touch.

I think Lothian fishkeepers has a lot of potential to be a great group of people. I has so many ideas for the future. I've teamed up with Phil from ELA who has offered his premises and more so we have a venue which we will be using for some incoming plans.

With regards to the online side of things, I'm looking for some input from you guys. I want to run another feature which will focus on a species. This will go into detail about the biotope, diet, breeding and general care of this species. This will be done and a file created for future reference so we build up a great knowledge base for the future. We can do a different species each week. This will be shared via Facebook, our blog and also Twitter and Google+

So guys, let's get #mytankmonday back up and running regularly again. It's important we work together. Each mytankmonday helps inspire other members and gives ideals to fellow fishkeepersfishkeepers for their own set ups.

If you feel confident in a certain species and have a great knowledge you are willing to share, get in touch.
work with me guys....

Bye for now

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