Shrimp sheds - An alternative to fish - Derek Tweedie

Anybody who has built a shed in their garden will know that its not as easy as it looks. Imagine needing to install water, electricity and heating to that shed and then fill it with a load of tanks. Thats exactly what Derek Tweedie and his Dad Bob have done and below are the step by step photos to show us how they done it.

The perfect spot for a fish shed

best to raise the floor to allow space for insulation

Adding Kingspan to the floor would
give added heat

plastic sheeting used to protect the insulation

Plywood is used to cap the floor and give a solid surface.

Next up is the walls

Adding kingspan to the walls is essential 

Time to build the walls

With the walls up, the shed was starting to take shape

The back wall installed, now time to insulate some more

Roof on and insulation complete

All walls now capped and complete

A small extension is added to house garden tools

Plumbing's installed to provide running water

Sink to give easy access to running water

Racking needed to look good but also provide stable housing
for all the tanks.

Each rack is built the same

White piping is installed round the shed to allow
for easy drainage during water changes.
For the tanks, we went to DC aquariums for a uniform look

The moment of truth, all tanks filled and the racking
and floor held perfectly. what a relief.

Filtration comes from two large air pumps running
HMF filters and 46 uplifts

Stocking the tanks was the best part

Fitting flaps to the racks was more practical and
helped keep dampness away

With everything complete we were good to go

On the outside we have a normal shed but step inside and you
will find some beautiful shrimps

Derek and his dad have been running DT Tropicals from this shed for over 1 year now. Derek always wanted to work in the aquatics trade and after trying to work in the local fish stores with no luck, he decided the route for him was DT Tropicals. After one year some adjustments have been made to the shed. the biggest change was the upgrade to the racking.
The new racking will be wrapped round the shed to provide
more tanks

Thank you Derek for allowing me to share your shed build and I hope everybody enjoyed looking through the photos. If you would like to find out more about what it takes to build a fish shed like this, you can contact Derek anytime on Facebook.

Bye for now

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