It needs to be done

Hi Guys,

After our lengthy conversation last night, I thought I would take the time to clarify and post our "rules" for everybody to see and hopefully prevent any other confusion.

I hoped I could avoid having a list of rules and for over 3 years, we have done just fine with out any set rules but I feel it's for the best now to have some guidlines in place for everyone's benefit.

I have put a lot of time and work into our community and in doing so, I have met a lot of great people. Our group is getting bigger and busier with people joining from all over the world. I have recently brought in William to help with the day to day running of the group so I can continue to look for more ways to offer you guys great prizes and events. William has my full backing on anything he acts upon or posts within the group so in turn deserves the same respect I have received over the years.

We are getting some nice sponsored products and samples which will be given away as prizes. Our next event is planned for November and with the money raised at our sale last week, we can look forward to even more activities for the whole family.

I have added the rules to our group description and will periodically post them for new members to see. Below are the new rules, please take the time to read them.


No bullying, Abuse or personal attacking other members via the wall or by private message. Any incidents like that will be reported to Admin.

This is a Aquarist group so no politics or any other off-topic discussions which could result in arguments.

Members are free to buys and sell to each other as you please. Lothian Fishkeepers are not responsible for any of the sales that take place and cannot get involved if anything goes wrong. please buy and sell responsibly.

No buying fish for bate. While we understand certain predator fish require a specialist diet, buying ornamental fish for feeder purposes is illegal and if found to be doing so, you will be reported to the police.


Sharing links to other groups is allowed ONLY on fridays. No reposts or bumbing of original posts either. Admin will remove these kind of posts in order to keep our wall free for group discussions.

No links to business pages are allowed unless pre-approved by the admin team. If you wish to advertise your company within Lothian Fishkeepers, please contact to find out what we can do.

Finally, If you have any queries regarding the running of the group, please contact either of the Admin members who will be happy to discuss in private any concerns you have.

Happy Fishkeeping!

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