The perks of being a Lothian Fishkeeper

Being a Lothian Fishkeepers is not just about coming on Facebook and sharing the hobby. It's not just about coming along to our tabletop sales and it's not just about taking part in our competitions from time to time. Being a Lothian Fishkeepers is about being part of a community that supports each other and shares good advice without judging, It's about helping each other out.

I want to help our local shops remain at the heart of our hobby. Some of the best advice I've ever had has come from my local fish store. I believe, if we look after our shops, they will look after us. Lothian Fishkeepers is a platform for shops to communicate with Fishkeepers directly. We should be able to let shop keepers know what we need and in turn they should be able to inform us about what's available and so on.

I want to create a network of fish stores and Fishkeepers that all work together for Lothian Fishkeepers will offer our members a discount of 10% off all marked prices in store. On top of that they will also offer a price match option too.

Our approved sponsors will be allowed to advertise special offers etc within our main Facebook page to keep us all up to date. I would like to have as many real fish stores listed as possible and will be updating as we go along. For now the stores below are already working with us and are looking forward to meeting you.

  • Riverside Aquaria - Livingston
  • Eden Aquatics & reptiles - Gorgie Rd, Edinburgh
  • East Lothian Aquatics - Tranent
This list is by no means final and I hope to add to it regularly to continue. If you have any suggestions for possible sponsors, please let me know.

For now, Enjoy the benefits of being a Lothian Fishkeeper and support your local stores at the same time.

Bye for now

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