Fish foods all the same. Or is it?

Hi Guys,

Until very recently, I was completely unaware of this brand of fish food. I won't lie to you, fish food was not something i payed much attention to. As long as it didn't cloud up my water i was happy. I knew from growing up around fish tanks that variety was a good thing. Live foods, frozen, flake etc so Ive kept all the above for various different fish I've had over the years. But in general, food has not been a strong point for me.

On discovering the fish science range for tropical fish, its made me think more about what I feed my fish. Fish eat a wide variety of food in their natural environment such as algae, snails, shrimps, dead fish, berries and even insects that fall into the water.

Ive noticed some new products on the market that are now offering more natural ingredients. Fish Science have a range of fish food which is focusing on providing your fish with a more natural diet. They have a new natural formula which uses insect meal and they advise me that this promotes easy digestion.

The tropical Fish Flake Food for example is made up of ingredients like;

  • Salmon Oil
  • Spirulina
  • Crustaceans
  • Garlic
  • Paprika

My daughter enjoys feeding the fish and in the past some food I've put into the tank, the fish have all but ignored it and I've ended up having to scoop it out. So far I've used the Tropical Fish Granular Food from this range. My fish went crazy for it!

As you see, the fish were all over it straight away. The small amount that made it to the substrate, was  scooped up by my place and corydoras in a few minutes. So far so good. Im not sure how to measure the effect of good food but I will be looking out for improved colour and activity mainly. I did notice straight away that there was no clouding of the water which made me happy.

I do have some more tubs of this stuff and some of you have already picked up your tub to try out. If you are interested in testing some for your self, contact me via email or Facebook and arrange collection. Dave Pool from Fish Science was kind enough to send us up some samples and is interested to see how you all get on.

Alongside this range of foods, they also offer goldfish and pond food too.

Bye for now

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