The Give a tank foundation is back! and it needs your help.

Hi guys,

Some of you might remember a while back, I spoke about  getting together and installing aquariums in local nursing homes for the benefit of elderly patients. I posted about all the health benefits related to aquariums and hoped to begin at the start of the year.

Lothian Fishkeepers has grown quite a bit and now takes up a lot of my time running the social media pages along with planning the tablesale and shrimp show so the Give a tank project was put on hold.

Yesterday, our member Susan Mcknight asked on behalf of Beatlie School Campus in Livingston, to help upgrade the aquarium they currently have in the school. This aquarium currently houses some nice big goldfish and has done for many years.

Beatlie School Campus provides co-educational and non-denominational education primarily for pupils with severe and complex learning difficulties aged between 5 and 18 years of age. The goldfish have become a part of daily life for many of the pupils.

Over the next few days I will be putting together a list of what we need and sharing it with the group. If you are able to help in anyway, please get in touch. Ive also set up a gofundme for anybody that wishes to donate to this project. I would like to raise funds in order to provide food and other consumables to help maintain that tank once its complete. We have already been offered a brand new aquarium from DC Aquariums! which deserves a massive thank you. So really now focusing on equipment and decor.

Up until now, The Janitor has been doing a fantastic job of looking after the fish and has already stated he is more than happy to continue with the regular maintenance. The goldfish have really become part of the school and everybody is looking forward to a nice new home for them. It was suggested that the goldfish be rehoused in a pond but i believe it would be detrimental to the children given their special relationship with them. 

We have a page dedicated to this side of Lothian Fishkeepers which can be found here, also our gofundme page can be found here

I'm really excited about this project guys and look forward to getting started. Look out for updates on our page.

Bye for now 

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