The Edge Glow - let the fun begin

For a long time, Ive always had the mentality the the bigger the fish tank the better the experience. Choosing a new aquarium was a battle between space and money (and permission) your fish choice was narrowed down by the size of tank you were able to install.

Ever since I started keeping shrimps, Ive been looking at the smaller aquariums for my next set up. I decided on the Edge Glow from Interpet. I plan on setting it up in my daughters bedroom. The idea of the LED lights is what made me go for this one. As well as an aquarium, it will act as a lamp also. 

Now Ive not set this up yet and but first impressions are that its very well designed. The integrated filter comes with what has to be the neatest powerhead i have ever seen. The included LED light is simple, modern and gives a great sharp white light which will be great for the viewing experience along with aiding the growth of the moss and plants I'm planning on having. I am especially interested in the growth results I get using the light so will be paying close attention to it when its up and running.

Ceramic media include in the box
The cutest powerhead ever
I love the streamline LED light
The standard kit doesn't include a heater, this is a shame because for a lot of people they will need to purchase this upgrade in order to keep small tropical species. The room I plan on setting up in provides a room temperature of 26C without a heater so I should be OK with my shrimps. I will need to watch this carefully as its only 18 litres so will be effected by room temperature quicker than previous larger aquariums. 

The tank itself is made from one piece of acrylic which curves at the corners. I love the viewing experience this provides. It give you the illusion that the tank is larger. You are also able to view from most angles without the interruption of the corners. I do like the tiny stand that comes with it. This lifts the tank off the ground by about an inch and just finishes off a very well designed nano cube tank.

I am looking forward to getting started with this project and will be making videos, taking photos and doing a step by step blog of the full set up. 
The curved edges really give you a fantastic view

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