Holiday Time

Its that time of year when most of us think of taking some time away to relax and forget about the daily stress of life for a week out two. While its great to relax and enjoy the sunshine and slower pace of life on holiday, it can be a little bit different for fishkeepers.

When you have an aquarium, your daily, weekly maintenance routine is something of a ritual. Keeping the fish fed is one thing but keeping an eye on the water temperature, perimeters is another issue. Then you need to keep things moving by making sure your filter is doing its job.

These are all things that we fishkeepers to almost unconsciously so trying to explain the importance of these things to one of those strange people that don't keep fishtanks can be challenging. Feeding fish a 'pinch' or a 'little' scoop of something is like talking another language.

Therefor, When holiday time comes around, the thought of leaving your aquarium in the hands of someone that doesn't keep fish themselves can be a worrying process. I would always advise to try and get someone that knows your fish well to take responsibility while your away. This is the best solution. However, this can still have its problems. Only you know your routine and even with the best intentions 'outsiders' can make mistakes or if they have an aquarium themselves, finding the time to maintain extra tanks can be hard.

What if you don't know any other fishkeepers in your area? well, thats when things get scary. For a lot of holiday makers, leaving the house keys with a trusted neighbour is the done thing. There is nothing wrong with this. Contrary to belief, there is still a sense of community amongst us so most neighbours will be happy to check in on your home from time to time just to keep your house safe.

If you need to put your aquariums in the hands of a non-fishkeeper, you must must must, give as much advice as possible. I would label everything with clear and simple instructions. Invite them over during feeding time and show them as much about the daily care routine as possible. The more they know the better. You never know, during your time away, your neighbour may find they enjoy fish keeping and go on to have their own aquarium too.

Some people use food blocks and automatic feeders. I have no experience with the latter but the food blocks can be okay if your away for a few days only.

Sometimes we have random problems that can cause major issues in our aquariums. Heater fails, Power cuts, cracked glass are all things we can't predict. If something like this happens when you on holiday you really can't do anything. coming home to one of these disasters can see you loosing everything.

I would like to hear all about your holiday routines and any disasters you have come home too. Whats your favourite holiday food for fish? do you use automatic feeders?

Let me know what you think.

bye for now

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