The very reason for starting the blog was to share my opinions on various areas of the hobby and also to keep the group up to date with whats going on with our Lothian Fishkeepers. More recently the focus has been on individual members and product reviews.

I do enjoy writing about the members of our online group. I find this interesting and so do all of you. The stats always indicate that the posts that get the most hits are the members tank/shed stories. We are all proud of our set ups and having the opportunity to share it is always good.

I want to do more of these blogs and Im always looking for tanks that stand out so please let me know if your interested in being featured. Equally if there are any well known fishkeepers you would like featured, I can always approach them and ask the question. Heiko Bleher was very happy to answer some questions for our group a while ago so why not others...

Ive made a promise to myself that I am going to work very hard on the blog this year and really try to develop it into something you all want to read each week. My aim is to upload a minimum of 1 entry per week. I have added a subscribe option on the blog page that means whenever I post something you will receive an email alert to let you know. 

The blog is a group feature and I would really like you all to be able to contribute to its content. If you have knowledge on a particular fish or subject and you would like to guest blog then please let me know. Anyone that contributes to the blog will receive some goodies from our group sponsor FishScience.

Another area that I'm wanting to improve on is our youtube channel. For me, finding the time to prepare, create and edit videos is a challenge in its own right but one I'm aiming to overcome. I have thought of capturing some of the photos that has been shared onto our Facebook page and making short 60 second videos and listing the members names in each photo and adding some music. This is a great way to share the awesome fish you guys all have. What is your thoughts on this?

Like I always say, this group is your group and I truly mean that. The more input that comes from you the better the group will be. So get thinking and get in touch. No matter where you are in the world, lets get our heads together and love our hobby.

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