LFK Auctions - connecting the best of us to the rest of us

Fishkeeping has many different areas of expertise. Wether your knowledge lies with food diet, building aquariums or even a specific fish, what you contribute to the hobby is invaluable. With 1 in 10 people owning a fishtank in the UK, thats a lot of people all contributing to the hobby. 

There is one particular part of the hobby that offers something special to the hobby. These guys provide high quality fish that a lot of the local shops just cant obtain through their normal suppliers. These guys have mastered breeding specific fish and while making it possible for us to get our hands on these often rare fish, we can reply in them for support and advice on keeping and even having a go at breeding these fish ourselves.

We know these superstars as the shed or private breeders. Not to confuse them with shed importers, the shed breeders have often established such reputations that people will travel further to get that special fish from them than they would travel to a shop. Now Im not bashing shops by any means here either because due to the high quality of fish produced by the shed superstars, a lot of local shops are tapping into them in order to offer their customers something a little bit more.

I have been speaking with some of the shed breeders recently and I want to do something on Lothian Fishkeeper that will help them share their successful breeding projects with the group. Starting from next week, Lothian Fishkeeper will be holding fortnightly auctions. They will be held on the Lothian Fishkeeper page. This is purely to benefit the shed breeders and fishkeepers of our group. The main things to know about LFK Auctions are;

  • Shed/private breeders only, no shed importers or individual sales
  • Fish must be available for collection next day
  • Fish must be registered 24 hours prior to auction
  • Payment on collection of fish and is between buyer and seller only
  • No commission will be taken from a Shed/private breeder
  • livestock only, no dried goods or equipment
To register as a seller, you will need to be approved at least 48 hours before the auction starts. Application can be made via email by contacting me on lothianfishkeeper@gmail.com.

The aim to these auctions is to help more of us access these high quality fish and at the same time support the hard working breeders within our community. For me there is no money being gained. I hope to simply improve the Lothian Fishkeeper experience or everybody.

So if your a breeder and you would like to auction some of your stock off through our fortnightly online auctions, our first one will be held on 17th February. To register, email me before the 15th February.

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