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We all like visiting fish stores. Without them the hobby just wouldn't be the same. However they face massive challenges now adays with the internet becoming a lot of peoples first choice when looking for some new equipment. Its an issue that every local fish shop must face up to and combat one way or another.  Wether its by creating an online side to their shop offering various items, or attempting to match prices of online retailers. One things for sure is that the internet is here to stay.

Most brands now understand the importance of the local shop and are doing their part to help.
Visit the Hugo Store here

visit the Seachem store here
These two brands are made available to the hobby in the UK by the wholesaler ALF ltd. The guys at ALF know the importance of local shops and do a remarkable job of supporting them.

One of the best things they do is the click & collect on these two brands.

Both these brands have online stores that offer their full product range for sale. You are able to buy the the product you want and have it delivered to you home for £5.00 or you have the option to collect at your local store for free. The Click & Collect option is a great way to access the full range of these two brands at your local store.

Not only does the Click & Collect service direct hobbyists to their local shop, your order also goes through the till of the local shop and they get the sale for it too as if it was their own stock. Infact, even if you place an order on either of these websites and opt for the home delivery option, the sale will be credited to the closest shop to you. So all round ALF and these two brands are really working hard to support the local fish shops .

I think this is a wonderful example of big brands working together with the local shops for the benefit of the hobby/industry. Global brands such as these could easily stick to online sales and bypass the local shops but they know the importance of the local fish store and are working hard to support them.

All our favourite fish stores offer this service so next time you in visiting them and you cant find what your looking for, talk to them and take advantage of this great service.

For fishkeepers local to either Riverside Aquaria or New Concept Aquatics, get yourself online today and claim a 10% discount buy using our exclusive codes riverside or newconcept.

When ordering online, beside to select you closest shop to make sure they receive your order and most of all your sale!

So remember riverside or newconcept for your special discount. This offer will be available until 31/3/2017

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