Have you met us yet? - Come along and say hi

Hi Guys,

Things are getting quite busy for me recently with our upcoming Cichlid Addicted event just round the corner.  I have been organising prizes, samples, speakers, food and loads more to make sure the day is one to remember.

Members of our Facebook group will be familiar with FishScience and will be happy to know that Dave Pool will be joining us for the first time on the 30th April to give us a very informative talk on fish nutrition. This will be a 30 minute talk and Dave will have lots of samples of his insect meal based foods our fish all love.

I am also excited about our main raffle prize for this even,t as a group we have been lucky over the years to have had some great prizes and our next raffle prize is no exception. After lots of communication and a previous review of this excellent product I am delighted to be able to offer one lucky winner 1x an Interpet Tri-Spec LED Light Unit to fit their aquarium plus an added Bluetooth App Controller to go with it. A HUGE thank you to Interpet for providing the prize...

Dennerle are another company that have provided us with support for this event, only yesterday I was offered some of their brilliant plants to offer one lucky person in our raffle. Dennerle manufacture a wide range of products to suit shrimp keepers and aquascapers of all kinds. Their aquatic plants range  is absolutely brilliant too! I have used them along with their Nano Aquarium and Substrates.

One thing in particular that I am personally looking forward to getting my hands on are the Totally Fishy Plush toys that Craig Hamilton will be bringing along. Ive been seeing photos of these being shared online and my need to get one is increasing with each photo.

One of the best things about our events are the table sales, I really enjoy meeting fish breeders and seeing them selling on their success with pride. Having all those fish in one room, for the fishkeeper is like being a kid in a sweet shop. Hopefully we will be seeing some great Cichlids on offer but equally all fish are invited to this part of the day.

With all these new supporters of our group getting involved, we cannot forget about our local fish shop Riverside Aquaria. David and Jacki have been at every single one of the Lothian Fishkeeper events and I don't think our events would be the same now.

There are lots of reasons to join us on the 30th April at the Livingston Station Community Centre in Livingston, so I hope to see you on the day wether its to find out more about cichlids, buy some new goodies or selling your own fish, visit the events page on Facebook and let us know.

See you soon

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