The FishScience Pond Fish Range - give your fish what they want

Hi Guys,

Springtime is the time of year when pond owners begin to prepare for the warmer months ahead. Maintenance is carried out to repair any damage caused by our winter weather. Clearing out any unwanted overgrown weeds and algae is essential now because it can be in abundance mid spring. Ideally aiming for 50% of the water surface to be free for the coming summer months. 

This is the best time to decide on any major changes or upgrades you wish to do to your pond. Most good aquatic stores and garden centres begin to promote their pond ranges and have some great deals of you look around. Its also a good time to stock up on pond food.

The diet of your pond fish is the key to having a healthy successful pond. Much in the same way as your aquarium fish, pond fish like Koi would feed on insects in the wild. This is why Dr David Pool has created his range of pond foods using natural ingredients like insect meal, vegetables & spirulina algae to name a few.

Provides a diet that pond fish eat in the wild.

Promotes good health and easy digestion while reduces waste

Blend of 3 sticks to provide a variety for all your fish

8cm long stick which are easily consumed by all fish over 8cm long

Colour enhancers like spirulina algae

You can feed your fish the variety pond fish food up to 3 times a day which is great if you have kids that are wanting to see the fish come to the surface. 

Made with a natural insect based fish love

Contains beta glucans & omega 3 to promote good health

Specially formulated to aid digestion and reduce waste

Perfectly sized pellets for all your ponds fish

Great colour enhancers like krill, grass meal, carrot and garlic

This tub is the great all rounder and is recommended for all your fish together. Feed this food 1-2 a day and only what your fish can consume within 5 minutes.

Replicates the winter diet of pond fish

Includes wheatgerm & insect meal to help digestion even in winter

Aids good health and prevents your fish from using food reserves

Natural ingredients like garlic, beta glucans and omega 3 oils

Perfectly sized sticks for all fish over 8cm

During winter its essential to care for your fish correctly. If your fish don't rise to the surface looking for food, don't feed them as this can lead to rotting food and eventually an algae bloom or ill fish.

Recreates the foods that Koi would eat in the wild

Amazing colour enhancing ingredients like Carrot, shrimp and krill

Formulated with insect meal to reduce waste and easy digestion

Also contains healthy additives like omega 3 and beta glucans

Dr David Pool has developed the Fish Science foods based on 45 years personal experience with aquarium and pond fish. Over the years Dave has written three books, appeared on TV and radio aswell as contributing over 250 articles and speaking all over the world. His background and experience puts him in a great position to understand fish and fishkeepers – and to ensure that the products and service that FishScience offers is exactly what they require.


To help you all get ready for the upcoming pond season, I will be running a competition across our social media channels. For your chance to win a 5 litre tub of your choice, please email me or send me a message on Facebook with your name, location and a photo of your garden pond. Winners will be announced at the end of the month.

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