Today was a happy day!

Hi Guys,

Our local pond is a big part of my daily routine. Every school morning and afternoon I walk passed it and see the swans, ducks and other wildlife that calls the Lanthorn pond home. Its an amazing thing to have right on your doorstep and I very much cherish it.

Over the years, Ive seen swans come and go but there's always been at least one pair of adult swans that remain all year round. Sometimes through the winter, we get unexpected visits from hopeful swans looking to find a new home. These situations always end up in our swans running the length of the pond in a display that would scare away even the most determined of trespassers.

With all the dramas of winter out the way and spring time almost over, there has been a bit of a buzz around the pond recently. Anyone thats passed the pond will have seen the nest our lovely swans have built on the island. More importantly, The cygnets little fuzzy grey heads peaking out the top of that nest.

Well, today our proud parents took their eight little ones out onto the pond for the first time. It was a wonderful sight. When we seen them there was a sudden feeling of happiness all around. The kids were all coming over to see these little grey fuzz balls being led infant of everyone by their super proud and protective parents.

Once they had shown them off to everyone, they slowly led them back to the nest again. Now its time to watch them grow up. All the kids enjoy visiting the pond to feed the new born ducklings and swans every year but the cygnets hold a special place in many of the local residents hearts these days.

The parent swans will now be very protective whenever dogs are close by and can sometimes hiss and flap their wings just to show who's boss. well, wouldn't you if it was your kids?

As they grow, they will experience all different kinds of weather and learn to find food from the grass and plantlike that surrounds the pond. more often than you think, they whole family of swans, will venture down the path to the smaller pond or sometimes the parent swans will lead the cygnets up onto the main path and sit right in the way of all the mums and dads on the way to and from the schools. Its almost as if they are asking too be fed. They very much become part of the community.

When winter comes, thats when things get interesting. Just like us, the cygnets get to a point when they need to find their own place to live. One by one they are chased out and off they go to pastures new. It doesn't always go to plan however and I have found some unfortunate cygnets in my back garden.

All works out well in the end each year and the parent swans get the peace and quiet they need to stick it out all winter and prepare to do it all over again.

But for now, we have the pleasure of watching this years ugly ducklings grow up.

Take a visit yourself and enjoy what I enjoy.

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