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Last week I set up a new aquarium. Normally when I set up a new aquarium, I use a mixture of my favourite products like soil, water treatments and plants. All from different companies claiming to offer great results. This time round I have chosen to stick with one brand for soil, water treatment and plant care.

Ive went with Prodibio. My reason for this is that I have used some of their products in the past and found them to be good. Ive never really been able to see how good because Ive used different products together.

The aquarium is an Aqualantis Deco Horizon 50 which is a 54 litre tank. I chose this tank because its a nice size to test out these products.

First of all let me tell you what I'm using. For more information on each product you can click on the link which will take you to the Prodibio website.
According to Prodibio, this is everything you need to set up a healthy aquarium. They even go as far as saying you can add your strongest fish as quick as 4 hours after filling it with water. Having used Prodibio trace elements in a few of my last setups, I have added fish within this timescale and never lost a single one so I know its good stuff. This time round I added my fish within 12 hours.

First up was the BacterKit Soil. Having used various soils & gravels in the past I was unsure how this would work. The instructions were very clear.

  1. Add about an inch of water to the aquarium
  2. Add the full contents of one BacterKit soil box for every 60l of water
  3. Add your Aquarium soil
It really is as simple as that. Here is a video just showing how easy it actually is to use.

Once the substrate was in there, I played about with my hardscape for a while (long while) until I was happy with the layout. I then added my plants. With maintenance in mind, I opted for some simple plants that are not very demanding. My choice of plants was the following.
  • Bucephalandra 'wavy green' 
  • Anubias Barteri 'nana 
  • Cryptocoryne Beckettii 'Petchii
All three of these plants are listed in Tropica aquarium plants 'easy' list which means they don't require much in the sense of maintenance apart from some fertiliser.

Now with all the wood, stone and plants in place I had to call it a night. This aquarium is in my sons bedroom and unfortunately he had to go to sleep. So it was the next day before I was able to get back to work. Filling the aquarium, I used dechlorinated tank water and placed a plastic bag over the substrate to prevent disturbing the layout. In the past Ive all but destroyed new aquascapes just trying to fill it with water. Using this method is easy and really does make a difference.

Now the tank is filled and the filters, heater and lights are all up and running. The final step is to add the Prodibio vials.
  1. BioDigest Start - which included live bacterias to speed up the nitrogen cycle and convert ammonia into nitrites, nitrites into nitrates and nitrates into nitrogen. It also prevents the spread of algae. 
  2. Ammo Start - This traps and stops ammonia while reducing nitrite. All helpful when adding fish. This will prevent shock or death (new tank syndrome).
  3. BioTrace - Worth its weight in gold! Biotrace contains everything your aquarium will need to establish itself and thrive. With Microelements such as vitamins, enzymes and amino acids which would all be found in nature along side trace elements of sulphur and iron. All these elements are exactly what your plants and fish need to be healthy.
  4. BioVert - Four trace elements designed for freshwater plants. This is is a complete food for your plants. Obviously good water and CO2 would be required to give your plants absolutely everything they need. The elements included are Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Sulphur. No nasty phosphates or nitrates here. You can also use Biovert in shrimp tanks which is what I intend on putting in this tank.
Now that everything was added, I let the aquarium rest for a few hours. I returned that evening to add four Harlequin rasboras and two rams horn snails. Having used the Prodibio startup in the past, I was confident all would be well and the fish would be fine.
The tanks now been running for just over a week now and I'm beginning to notice the Anubias has began to attach itself to the wood and new leaves are appearing on the Bucephalandra. I will be doing weekly water changes and adding BioVert and BioTrace every 15 days to keep the tank nice and healthy. I will also be adding some CO2 to give the plants an added boost.

I love this stuff. I love its simplicity, quality and I especially like the fact it comes in little glass vials. Im looking forward to seeing the results of using only Prodibio on this aquarium.

If your planning a new tank soon and are unsure about adding salts, liquid fertilisers, root tablets etc, I definitely recommend giving this a try. It is a little bit more expensive but for its simplicity alone its worth paying a little bit extra.

I will be offering anyone in the UK some samples of Biovert soon so keep your eyes open for the Facebook post on Lothian Fishkeepers

Here is a video of me adding the prodibio vials to my aquarium to give you an idea of just how easy this is.

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thanks for reading

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