FishScience Food Review

Hi my name is Jacqui Bates and I have been in the hobby for about 3 years now. I have learnt a lot from groups such as Lothian Fishkeepers where everyone shares their knowledge and experiences.

So today I received my new foods which we are going to trial for the next week. I have tried FishScience before, but not for my African Cichlids.  So it will good to see if they enjoy it and whether the fish seems to benefit from this.

The fish did seems generally very excited, a lot of sploshing and jumping in anticipation! But they are generally a greedy bunch.

I fed them mainly pellets with a small amount of flake.  I will probably alternate the foods daily from now onwards.  What I will say so far is that the food was eaten fast and left the tank with very little residue, which is always good.

As I have come to expect from this brand- the ingredients is based on the fish's natural diet.  This hopefully will reflect in their general condition over the next week.

As you can see they are active colourful fish.  I am going to take a Nitrate reading today before and after I clean my tank. When I clean again next weekend, I will see how the levels compare after a week of this food, as it certainly is visually less messy.

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