Prodibio Start Up - Explained

A lot of people have been asking about the Prodibio Start Up vials that I use in all my new tank setups. No matter what style of aquarium I'm setting up, I will always use Startup during the process in order to quickly establish a healthy & safe environment for my fish and plants.

While I do my best to tell people how good it is, I'm not the best at explaining things so I contacted Prodibio and asked for some more information to share with you and hopefully properly explain why their Startup is so effective and why you should use it in all your own aquariums.

When you set up any new aquarium, you have to go through the nitrogen cycle in order to grow "good" bacteria that will breakdown ammonia products in the water and turn them into Nitrite and then into Nitrate. Nitrate is far less harmful for fish and can easily be maintained at safe levels by performing regular water changes. Nitrates are also consumed by live plants which is great.

Start Up is a combination of two operate products:

  • BioDigest
  • Stop Ammo
Stop Ammo is a natural plant extract that is dormant until it comes in contact with you aquarium water. The chemistry reaction results in the catching and releasing of toxic ammonia from your water.

BioDigest Is made up of 15 different strains of live bacteria with each strain finishing of the work started by the others. Each bacteria strain has been collected directly from estuaries so can actually be used in both marine and freshwater aquariums. These bacteria strains are very effective at decreasing the levels of Nitrogen and Phospherous in the water. This rapidly speeds up the nitrogen cycled also prevents the spread of filamentous algae.

The Bacteria in BioDigest is most effective during the first two weeks so it is recommended to dose again every 15 days.

But what about those glass vials?
"In France the use of glass vial is very developed in the pharmaceutical industry. This packaging gives the product a higher protection against oxidation, pathogenic micro organisms...
On the other hand, the plastic material is not really impermeable to the oxygen of the air and can permit some exchanges between the product and the external environment (bacteria, iodine...)
In addition, with the PRODIBIO system the product always stays fresh

One question I'm always asked is related to the way Prodibio pack their products. Unlike all the other products on the market Prodibio products are packaged in individual glass vials.

  • Each individual vial contacts billions of dormant bacteria cells that only become active when they come in contact with you aquarium water. This guarantees 100% fresh bacteria each and every time you dose your tank. You can also store your vials in direct sunlight for up to three years and still get 100% fresh and effective strains of bacteria when you dose.
  • Each product is labeled with a straight forward dosing program and each vial holds an exact amount of bacteria.
  • Quick and easy snapping process which allows 100% of bacteria to enter your aquarium.
  • You get more value for your money due to shelf life of product compared to other startup products.
  • 100% of bacteria strains are grown and collected from estuaries and not developed in laboratories.

Now I know we all have our preference and Prodibio is my own preference. I rate it not only because of all the above, but because since using the StatUp in all my new setups, Ive not lost a single fish. Not even when introducing the fish as quick as 4 hours after setup.

In addition to the Start Up, Prodibio also have a range of products for disease cure, aquarium plant care, Kh&Gh control along with marine salt, and substrates.

For more information on Start Up and all the other Prodibio products, visit

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