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Hi Guys,

As you know, I am a big fan of the Prodibio range of water treatments and whenever I am looking at setting up a new tank, I make sure I have the following three products on hand to insure my new aquarium goes swimmingly.

  1. Chloral Reset
  2. Start Up
  3. BioClean
Using each of these products in the order you see here makes setting us an aquarium easy and lets you focus on the fun part - which for me is the layout of the rocks and wood. Knowing my water is taken care of gives me peace of mind. Even once everything is up and running, all that I need to do to maintain a healthy aquarium is to remember to use Chloral Reset and BioClean when performing a water change - every two weeks.

Chloral Reset works by chloramines and chloral from your tap water. This protects the living organisms in your aquarium. This includes everything from your fish right down to the bacteria responsible for your biological filtration. These chemicals are added o tap water to kill bacterias that are dangerous to humans in order to make our tap water safe for drinking but these chemicals are very dangerous to aquatic life. Chloral reset comes in perfectly measured vials to make adding the exact amount a breeze. You can also use this on marine aquariums to protect your corals and live rock  from these chemicals.

The instructions state to perform a 1/3 water change every 15 days using Chloral Reset each time.

Start Up is made up of two products STOP AMMO START & BIODIGEST START. Stop Ammo Start is a natural plant extract that traps ammonia naturally without the need for further chemicals. Stop Ammo reduces the production of nitrite in your new aquarium. Pairing this with Biodigest Start which consists of lots of different helpful bacteria strains that effectively live of the waste matter in your aquarium) will reduce nitrates and phosphates and purify your aquarium water. I add the required dose of Stop Ammo and Biodigest just before I add my fish which is as soon as I get my aquarium water up to the desired temperature.

BioClean is what I add with every new water change. This maintains healthy water and helps the biological filter digest waste matter. It also keeps the nitrates and phosphates under control. Bioclean constsists of two elements BIODIGEST & BIOTRACE. BioDigest being the living bacteria and BioTrace being the trace elements needed to sustain aquarium life. BioTrace also contains sulphur which is great for live plants along with Iron which promotes healthy blood in your fish.

Now I know there are several other products, cheaper ones too. What makes Prodibio stand out is the way they are packaged. Each dose is contained in a small glass vial. This gives you the exact amount you require with no waste. The shelve life of each vial is about three years, even in direct sunlight. This is by far more value for money compared to bottled alternatives. Think about it, as soon as you open that bottle, the bacteria inside begins to die off unless it is added to your aquarium. With Prodibio, you use what you need and save the rest, unopened and contained in those little glass vials until you need to add more. It also takes up less space in the cabinet.

Why not give it a go yourself? I have a limited amount of samples available to UK readers so if you would like to try out all of the above, just email me.

If you have a tried and tested method you implement while setting up new aquariums, why not share with us in the comments below.

Thanks for reading

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