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Holiday Time

Its that time of year when most of us think of taking some time away to relax and forget about the daily stress of life for a week out two. While its great to relax and enjoy the sunshine and slower pace of life on holiday, it can be a little bit different for fishkeepers.

When you have an aquarium, your daily, weekly maintenance routine is something of a ritual. Keeping the fish fed is one thing but keeping an eye on the water temperature, perimeters is another issue. Then you need to keep things moving by making sure your filter is doing its job.

These are all things that we fishkeepers to almost unconsciously so trying to explain the importance of these things to one of those strange people that don't keep fishtanks can be challenging. Feeding fish a 'pinch' or a 'little' scoop of something is like talking another language.

Therefor, When holiday time comes around, the thought of leaving your aquarium in the hands of someone that doesn't keep fish themselves…

Aquascaping on the Edge

Hi Guys,

Its been a while since I set up a new tank and this time I went for something a little smaller and specifically for shrimps. I decided to use the Edge Glow aquarium which is made by Interpet. I wanted a small simple neat set up that looked modern and would look good in a teenagers bedroom.

The Edge Glow is designed to be easy to set up - and it was. All that was required was a connection of a tube to the back of the tiny little powerhead, pop that into the back of the filter area and connect the power cables. The light from the LED light is great and the coloured "edge" along with the green waterfall effect is a big hit with the kids. They are using it during the night and love it.

As far as the aquascaping goes, Ive never worked on such a small tank (18 litres). It was a learning curve for me, I will admit. I had to think carefully about the stone I used. I wanted to give height to the hardscape so went for a narrow long (20cm max) piece and a shorter thicker piece…