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Fishkeepers Gone Wild!

There is something mysterious and cool about wild caught fish in the aquarium. To think that fish has come direct from the wild into your aquarium is something of an honour in my eyes. While the selection of farm or tank bred fish on the market is vast and offers almost every kind of fish, certain fish just don't breed in these conditions which means to own some of these little gems, we look to importers that catch these fish and ship them overseas.

Marine fishkeepers will know that about 90% of the fish they keep are wild caught, while only 10% of freshwater fish are wild caught. this is due to the difficulties replicating the wild reef conditions for breeding.

There are many debates covering the topic of wild caught fish imports. The arguments surrounds two factors, the live population levels of these fish and the livelihood of the fishermen catching these fish as a source of income. Each have valid points but ultimately if fish are caught sensibly then I am of the opinion that …

Not just a shed - Eric Corcoran shares his recent fish shed build

Hi Guys,

Earlier in the week I told you about one of our members sharing there recent project with us. Eric Corcoran or (Eric Irish Bettas) has been busy building his own fish shed. I have to say, Its got me thinking about building my own shed now...

LED for Me - Interpet Tri-spec LED light

Hi Guys,

First of all, I have to say that I have been searching for an LED upgrade for my corner aquarium for some time. I've looked at suspending LED light units from the ceiling or brackets but I didn't want to go open top. I also looked into retrofitting my current T5 original set too but just didn't have the confidence in them.

When I seen a post on the Interpet Facebook page promoting the new Tri-Spec LED systems, I was delighted to learn that they would be compatible with the Trigon 190. Not only were they compatible, they were a direct replacement.

The mix of 6500K 3w White, 2w Red Intense and 1w Blue Moon LEDs create higher light output than my old T5 lights or T8 and even some other LED systems. Basically this means greater plant growth potential and brighter fish colours for me.

To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, look at the photo below which is my old lights.

As you can see, I had a lot of yellow from my old lights. This reflected of the gravel whi…

Catfish and the Lothian Fishkeepers

Hi Guys,

Its been a while now since we held our last event and I can now announce our the details of our next event. This time round we will be doing something a little different. We will be hosting the Catfish Study Group for the first time up in Scotland. 
The Catfish Study Group have been meeting since the 1970s and what started off with a handful of members, has become a worldwide organisation. The annual CSG convention has become one of the most highly regarded aquatics events in the world. For more details on the CSG check them out here: a short history of the CSG
This particular event will be focussing on the Loricariidae (L-Number plecos) and we will have the honour of listening to two of the top Pleco specialists in the world. 
Julian Dignall & Mark Walters

We will start the show off with Julian at 12.30 with his introduction to L-numbers then Mark will speak about breeding some of our favourite L-number plecos. During the day both Mark and Julian will be happy to answer…