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Which CO2 diffuser is right for your aquarium?

The CO2 diffuser is a very important piece of equipment used to inject CO2 into your aquarium to promote healthy plant growth. Having the ability to break down the CO2 gas into tiny bubbles that are then dissolved and absorbed by the plants during the photosynthesis process is really important. After all,  the more you can break down the gas, the more your plants can absorb and the less CO2 is wasted.

There are a variety of different styles of diffusers available which can be split into two types. 
In-tank diffusers - the clue is in the name here. They sit inside your aquarium and create millions of tiny bubbles that are quickly dissolved within the water.
Inline diffusers - These attach onto the outlet pipe of an external canister filter, between the canister and the spray bar inside the aquarium. 
Both do things the same way. They are supplied CO2 by a regulator attached to a CO2 cylinder. The CO2 is forced into the diffuser and pushed through a ceramic element. The Ceramic element …
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Nine months on and still no coral? - saltwater aquarium update

When I firth thought about setting up my saltwater aquarium I have visions of vibrant colorful fish and gorgeous corals. I've always found watching marine aquariums really entertaining. Especially the many different forms of aquatic life that can be seen going about their business. My favorite thing to watch is the invertebrates such as crabs and shrimps. I find them especially fascinating. This was what I had hoped to be doing round about now but no, not me, my aquarium dreams were to take a different path and nearly 9 months down the line, I spend more time cleaning algae and cyanobacteria from the surfaces inside my saltwater aquarium than anything else, aquarium related, than anything else. Oh, and there is still no corals or vibrant livestock either.

Why? I ask myself that same question every day. At first, I considered the fact I had been using conditioned tap water to create my saltwater. This can create problems for sure and maybe my bacteria outbreak could be attributed t…

Lets get...Salty!!

For many fishkeepers (myself included) the thought of setting up a saltwater aquarium themselves can be filled with confusion. What equipment do I need, How do I make salt water and what is live rock?

I've recently set up a new saltwater aquarium and want to share my journey every step of the way. I am no expert when it comes to aquariums, let alone saltwater systems, however, I believe that with the right support and enough research, anyone can have their own marine aquarium with beautiful colourful fish, corals, shrimps and crabs.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you what I have done so far and what I have planned next for my own saltwater aquarium.

First of all, this project would not be possible if it were not for the support of the following companies.

ProdibioARKA BiotechFluvalFishkeeper Scotland - MelvilleHydor

With their support along with the help of the reef keeping the online community, I feel very positive about taking on the challenge of marine fishkeeping. …

The Native Scottish Stream Biotope - a father daughter project

Hi Guys,

Springtime always brings along lots of things to do outside. Our local pond is always busy during spring with lots of ducklings and signets bobbing about. Trees are blooming and plants are popping up all over the place. It really is my favourite time of the year.

This year I really wanted to take advantage of the spring season and enjoy some time with the kids down at the pond. We decided to try and recreate an area of the pond - in a home aquarium.

Our local pond is populated is home to a woodpecker, kingfisher, crane, swans, ducks, squirrels and all the other woodlice creature. Under the surface of the water, you will find lots of equally as interesting things. This is what we done.

So Myself plus my two daughters, Anna (aged 3) & Ava (aged 8) set of on our mission to bring the pond into our home. After walking around the large pond and following the stream down to the smaller pond, we eventually picked the perfect spot. It was easy to get into the water and had lots o…

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Hi Guys,

As you know, I am a big fan of the Prodibio range of water treatments and whenever I am looking at setting up a new tank, I make sure I have the following three products on hand to insure my new aquarium goes swimmingly.

Chloral ResetStart UpBioClean Using each of these products in the order you see here makes setting us an aquarium easy and lets you focus on the fun part - which for me is the layout of the rocks and wood. Knowing my water is taken care of gives me peace of mind. Even once everything is up and running, all that I need to do to maintain a healthy aquarium is to remember to use Chloral Reset and BioClean when performing a water change - every two weeks.

Chloral Reset works by chloramines and chloral from your tap water. This protects the living organisms in your aquarium. This includes everything from your fish right down to the bacteria responsible for your biological filtration. These chemicals are added o tap water to kill bacterias that are dangerous to human…

Carl Bethell - What have you been up to?

A while ago, we interviewed one of our members and found out all about the rare South American cichlids he was keeping and the plans he had for his hobby. Today we meet back up with Carl to see just how his plans have come to fruition.

So Carl, You have been busy since our last interview. Tell us what you have been up to?
Yeah I’ve been really busy. The fish room is now up and running, still making a rack for the back wall but I have a few tanks running. The biggest being an 8x2x2 that I bought recently. The fish room came around at the right time really, as a few of my pairs have been breeding for me lately and I needed the space.

I enjoyed watching you build the fishhouse and it looks like you have put a lot of thought into it all. Did you plan the layout based on your existing livestock or did you have plans to try something new ?
I knew I wanted one large tank and some smaller tanks for breeding. I built it to the size I was allowed really. I wouldn’t plan around my stock because I’m …