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  Using UV Sterilizer in a planted tank Most of us heard about UV from our textbooks, we know how bad it is for our skin. But have we ever thought about how to use it to our benefit? Thankfully, some people did. Throughout recent decades UV has been used in many practices. One of those lucky practices happened to be in the aquarium. Using a UV Sterilizer in a planted tank is a convenient way to keep your aquarium clean. Compared to its chemical counterparts, it delivers powerful, precise, and thorough disinfection, keeping your aquarium healthy.  The use of its cutting-edge technology would enamor anyone, so for the curious minds, we will show you not just what UV sterilizer does to your tank, but also how to achieve it. What is UV Sterilizer? To know about UV sterilizers first we need to understand what a UV light is. UV or Ultraviolet light is radiation of small wavelength. The source of UV light is The Sun. Following the US Navy’s guide, Ultraviolet light can be divided into

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