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Mr FishScience - Dr David Pool

Hi Guys,

Ive been talking a lot about the FishScience foods recently so I thought it was about time I shared a little about the man behind FishScience. Dr David Pool is a familiar face in aquatic shops up and down the country and has been working very hard to establish FishScience as a fishkeepers favourite. I recently asked Dave some questions to find out a little more about the story of FishScience and how it came about.

First if all, can you introduce yourself? My name is David Pool.  I have been a fish keeper for almost 50 years (I started at a young age!!!) and have been fortunate enough to make my hobby into a career.  I obtained a degree in Zoology at the University of Liverpool, with fish and aquatic biology as a major part of the study.  I then did a PhD in fish health - more specifically ‘The biology of the Pseudophylidean Cestode Bothriocephalus acheilognathi’.  This was a tapeworm that affected carp and koi that originated in Japan but has spread around the world.
I worked fo…

Tropical Fish Granular Food from FishScience - Review

Hi Guys,

The thing I like most about maintaining an aquarium is the ability to create my very own slice of nature right there in my own home. Watching fish grow and develop into adult fish and see their colours change along the way. Experiencing the behaviour each fish will display when protecting there territory or young and watching male fish show off to females is just amazing at times.

I believe this is achievable by giving your fish the best possible conditions to live in. For me this comes in three elements.
WaterEnvironmentDiet Providing your fish with clean water that matches the ph, flow and temperature as they would have in the wild is vital. Also creating an environment such as dense plants to hide in or lots of stones and caves always makes fish relaxed and promotes natural behaviour.

Diet however is a very important issue when caring for fish. Its always vital to research your chosen fish before adding them to your tank. Carnivore species like a lot of south American cichl…

Meet Alex Carslaw

Lothian Fishkeepers has some very talented members. Fishkeepers that have achieved what many of us have ever wished for. Being able to boast a collection of rare, wild, and damn right stunning fish must be great. But running a shed with the kind of fish like Alex Carslaw, comes with a level of commitment that borderlines obsession. However Alex Carslaw has just what it takes and I was delighted when he agreed to answer some questions for the Lothian Fishkeeper Channel.

And this is what he said...

Firstly, for anyone that’s not familiar with you, can you introduce yourself?
Hello John, firstly, thank you for the opportunity to feature in your blog. As you will already know my names Alex Carslaw, I keep and breed mostly the Rainbowfish and Blue-eyes of Australasia. I operate from my custom-built fish house in my garden which houses 28 tanks ranging from 50 litres to 360 litres.
You have been in the hobby for over 30 years, how did it all begin?
The first ever tropical fish I saw was in my la…

Forever blowing bubbles........NeoAir review

Hi Guys,

An air pump is something almost every fish keeper has or will have at some point in their hobby lifetime. Wether its providing air to a deep sea diver or running a sponge filter, the air pump provides a service to your aquarium but can often, and in my own experience, be noisy and somewhat ineffective - which has been the case in my experience.

When my 60l aquarium was needing some surface agitation, I considered adding additional filtration but with this aquarium being home to my Betta Edithae, I was not keen to increase the flow. My solution was to add a small air stone simply to oxygenate the water and at the same time disrupt the surface of the water.

My previous experience on air pumps were that they were noisy, ineffective and even vibrated themselves right of the ledge. I spent a while looking at the various options and eventually decided on  the NeoAir pump from Interpet.

I didn't need a powerful pump, I only had a 60l tank. I also wasn't operation anything mo…