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The Best Deal on Facebook

Lothian Fishkeepers has become a very busy group. Everyday, more people join and our community is growing all the time. I see people buying and selling their fish/fry. Ive seen plants being sold and also aquariums come and go. 
With our group getting so busy, sometimes people miss out on great deals. For a few months now on of our members has been trying to sell his full set up. He has moved into a new house which doesn't allow for an aquarium which means he is sadly needing to sell his entire hobby. 
Darren Kusz has made several attempts to sell his setup but due to various reasons (out of his control) he he has reposted this sale again with the hope he can sell to the right person and all his hard work building his hobby can be passed on and continued with by a fellow hobbyist.
I personally think this is one of the best deals to ever appear in our group and I am going to try and help everyone see this for themselves and hopefully find the tank a new home.

First of all, the aquar…

The Planted Tank

There is something wonderful about aquascaping that I can't quite find the words to explain. When I first started keeping fish, I was unable to have live plants due to the fish I kept. I tried many different species in the hope that I would find one that my silver dollars would not consume within a couple of say but I never did.

More recently, Ive been drawn to aquascaping. I kept marine for about a year and researched a lot into the husbandry and understanding the ecosystem of a reef. I found corals challenging and could never quite create the look I wanted. Eventually I moved away from saltwater and returned to freshwater. Only this time, I wanted to carry on my new found interests in underwater landscaping and began looking into live plants.

My first attempt, was the Juwel Trigon 190 corner setup in my living room. I purchased bunches of assorted live plants online from various sources. I had this vision of tall plants at the rear, bog wood, red moor and stones decanting from t…

Full time hobby

I have to say, I am absolutely loving running Lothian Fishkeepers. Im not so sure my wonderful Diane is loving it as much though. It is taking up a lot of my time. Infant, it probably takes up 100% of my free time. Having 5 kids doesn't leave much free time i have to say so its not unusual for me to be doing tank maintenance at 11pm or spreading maintenance over 2-3 days.

Tank Maintenance for me rarely happens all at the same time. I usually do a gravel clean then stop. Later in the dayI will clean the glass, maybe that evening ill do something else. you get the picture.

The most important thing for me is that it gets done. whilst its great to do it all at once, i can't commit that amount of time all at once. In between maintenance, I work on the admin side of things, which is also good fun. Im currently speaking with local fish shop owners, pro aquascapers, breeders and also admins on other groups, all working together to hold the best events possible.

We have two events comi…

A new home

So I've decided to move away from Wordpress and continue on googles blogger. The only reason for this is that its integrated into all the google accounts related to Lothian Fishkeepers. I hope everyone finds this as good as wordpress for things like #MyTankMonday

Please be patient with me as I learn about blogging. Its new to me but win determined to share all the ins and outs of running our group and organising the upcoming events...

More to follow