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Prodibio - Setting up made simple

Hi Guys,

Last week I set up a new aquarium. Normally when I set up a new aquarium, I use a mixture of my favourite products like soil, water treatments and plants. All from different companies claiming to offer great results. This time round I have chosen to stick with one brand for soil, water treatment and plant care.

Ive went with Prodibio. My reason for this is that I have used some of their products in the past and found them to be good. Ive never really been able to see how good because Ive used different products together.

The aquarium is an Aqualantis Deco Horizon 50 which is a 54 litre tank. I chose this tank because its a nice size to test out these products.

First of all let me tell you what I'm using. For more information on each product you can click on the link which will take you to the Prodibio website.
BacterKit SoilAquaGrowth SoilStart Up nanoBioClean Fresh nanoBioVert nano According to Prodibio, this is everything you need to set up a healthy aquarium. They even g…

Freshwater Life Project - Charity auction

Hi Guys, 

John Cudworth, a Lothian Fishkeepers member maintains clients aquariums all over Scotland. His company Auqalandscape has been looking after one aquarium in particular for over 6 years. With the closure of this clients bar, the aquarium is no longer required and John has been asked to close it down. 

Closing down aquariums is always a tricky job at the best of times but for John its made even trickier due to John only being in the area one day a week. This is why He has decided to donate the contents of this aquarium to a charity. The charity he has picked is called The Freshwater Life Project.

The Freshwater Life Project is a team of independent researchers working towards preserving aquatic habitats worldwide to ensure the future of the wildlife that lives on them and ensure freshwater ecosystems thrive well into the future. 

John has asked me to organise the auction on his behalf and I think the best way to do this is to offer two different auctions. One for the plants and har…