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FishScience Food Review

Hi my name is Jacqui Bates and I have been in the hobby for about 3 years now. I have learnt a lot from groups such as Lothian Fishkeepers where everyone shares their knowledge and experiences.
So today I received my new foods which we are going to trial for the next week. I have tried FishScience before, but not for my African Cichlids.  So it will good to see if they enjoy it and whether the fish seems to benefit from this.

The fish did seems generally very excited, a lot of sploshing and jumping in anticipation! But they are generally a greedy bunch.

I fed them mainly pellets with a small amount of flake.  I will probably alternate the foods daily from now onwards.  What I will say so far is that the food was eaten fast and left the tank with very little residue, which is always good.

As I have come to expect from this brand- the ingredients is based on the fish's natural diet.  This hopefully will reflect in their general condition over the next week.

As you can see they are …

Living the dream - with Steven Chester

Hi Guys,

Ive been chatting to the lead aquarium keeper from Chester Zoo about his passion for the hobby and luckily he agreed to answer some questions for the Lothian Fishkeeper Channel….


Can you introduce yourself to everyone?
 Good afternoon John, thanks for sending me this questionnaire, I am delighted to share my thoughts with Lothian Fishkeepers and hopefully a wider audience of serious aquarists across the hobby. 
 My name is Steven Chester, I have just turned 40, I have a very understanding and supportive partner called Steph and three Children, Ben (21), Kelsey (17) and Grace (10). We live in an industrial town in Cheshire, England called Runcorn. I currently work at Chester Zoo where I am proud to hold the job title of Lead keeper with the aquarium team. My day to day work covers all aspects of aquarium keeping, temperate and tropical freshwater and marine, Invertebrates and aquatic plants, we have a large aquarium facility holding around 50 off show tanks, 23 display ta…

Prodibio Start Up - Explained

A lot of people have been asking about the Prodibio Start Up vials that I use in all my new tank setups. No matter what style of aquarium I'm setting up, I will always use Startup during the process in order to quickly establish a healthy & safe environment for my fish and plants.

While I do my best to tell people how good it is, I'm not the best at explaining things so I contacted Prodibio and asked for some more information to share with you and hopefully properly explain why their Startup is so effective and why you should use it in all your own aquariums.

When you set up any new aquarium, you have to go through the nitrogen cycle in order to grow "good" bacteria that will breakdown ammonia products in the water and turn them into Nitrite and then into Nitrate. Nitrate is far less harmful for fish and can easily be maintained at safe levels by performing regular water changes. Nitrates are also consumed by live plants which is great.

Start Up is a combination …