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The Native Scottish Stream Biotope - a father daughter project

Hi Guys,

Springtime always brings along lots of things to do outside. Our local pond is always busy during spring with lots of ducklings and signets bobbing about. Trees are blooming and plants are popping up all over the place. It really is my favourite time of the year.

This year I really wanted to take advantage of the spring season and enjoy some time with the kids down at the pond. We decided to try and recreate an area of the pond - in a home aquarium.

Our local pond is populated is home to a woodpecker, kingfisher, crane, swans, ducks, squirrels and all the other woodlice creature. Under the surface of the water, you will find lots of equally as interesting things. This is what we done.

So Myself plus my two daughters, Anna (aged 3) & Ava (aged 8) set of on our mission to bring the pond into our home. After walking around the large pond and following the stream down to the smaller pond, we eventually picked the perfect spot. It was easy to get into the water and had lots o…

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Hi Guys,

As you know, I am a big fan of the Prodibio range of water treatments and whenever I am looking at setting up a new tank, I make sure I have the following three products on hand to insure my new aquarium goes swimmingly.

Chloral ResetStart UpBioClean Using each of these products in the order you see here makes setting us an aquarium easy and lets you focus on the fun part - which for me is the layout of the rocks and wood. Knowing my water is taken care of gives me peace of mind. Even once everything is up and running, all that I need to do to maintain a healthy aquarium is to remember to use Chloral Reset and BioClean when performing a water change - every two weeks.

Chloral Reset works by chloramines and chloral from your tap water. This protects the living organisms in your aquarium. This includes everything from your fish right down to the bacteria responsible for your biological filtration. These chemicals are added o tap water to kill bacterias that are dangerous to human…