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Fish Shop Stories - Crowders Aquatics

Hi Guys,

First of all, for anyone that don't know Crowders Aquatics, they are a family run business down in Bordon near the south coast of England. Run only Caz & Rocky Crowder, they are very much a husband and wife fishkeeping duo.

Ive been chatting with them about what it is like running your own fish shop and how it all began....

Thanks for agreeing to answer some questions for the Lothian Fishkeeper. For anyone that doesn't know you can you just tell us a little about the both of you?

Ok so we have been together for 17 and half years. We've always loved fish and everything about the hobby from tank maintenance to planning aquaruim layouts. Not to mention all the wonderful different kinds of fish and we have had a wide range of them through the years.
So, who was keeping fish first then? Who should we blame for your both keeping fish?
I would say we both love it so much that we are both to blame for a house full of fishtanks.
What led to you opening your own store then? …

Location, Location, Location!!!

Hi Guys,

We are all different when it comes to fish keeping. Some of us think of a species of fish and everything is focussed around providing the best possible care for that fish. Some of us fall in love with a certain fish tank and once installed, stock it accordingly. Some of us (including myself) feel that a fish tank should suit the other furniture in the room and pick an aquarium that matches the rest of the room. 
Whatever is the reason for your new tank, considering the following three things will get you off to a great start
Traffic - You wouldn't like to live next to a busy road would you? Your fish are no different. Having an aquarium in a busy part of your house will cause stress and stress leads to infection. Having kids run past all day long will vibrate into the water and the fish will feel that, the same applies to sounds, shouting, speakers and the opening and closing of doors will all lead to stressed out fish.Hot or not - Water quality is vital to successful fish…