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The Edge Glow - let the fun begin

For a long time, Ive always had the mentality the the bigger the fish tank the better the experience. Choosing a new aquarium was a battle between space and money (and permission) your fish choice was narrowed down by the size of tank you were able to install.
Ever since I started keeping shrimps, Ive been looking at the smaller aquariums for my next set up. I decided on the Edge Glow from Interpet. I plan on setting it up in my daughters bedroom. The idea of the LED lights is what made me go for this one. As well as an aquarium, it will act as a lamp also. 
Now Ive not set this up yet and but first impressions are that its very well designed. The integrated filter comes with what has to be the neatest powerhead i have ever seen. The included LED light is simple, modern and gives a great sharp white light which will be great for the viewing experience along with aiding the growth of the moss and plants I'm planning on having. I am especially interested in the growth results I get…

Species Spotlight - Copella Callolepis

Blackwater aquarium setups have always fascinated me. There is something mysterious about them. Everything from the Corydoras rummaging through the leaf litter to a school of Hatchet fish shimmering across the tank.

For a lot of blackwater aquarists, the Neon Tetra or Cardinal Tetra are the first choice for top-of-the-tank action - And rightfully so. They look amazing in the dark waters. Infant, these little guys actively increase their blue/red colour by reflecting more light in these conditions. It is easy to understand why these fish are probably the most popular tetras in the world.
However, If you are looking for something a little less common, take a look at the Copella Callolepis.  Originating from the Central Amazon region in Brazil, They are a fish thats not scared of the dark. Best kept in groups of 10 upwards, they will look great shimmering across the to top of your fishtank.
The Copella Callolepis thrive in heavily planted aquariums and have even been used in paludariums…

Fish Science - Food For Thought

Hi Guys,

As you know we have been testing out some fish food for the guys at Fish Science. I have personally tested the Granular and Flake food made with insect meal along with the Mini Algae wafers made from Spirulina.
I fed the granules to my community tank which houses Praecox Rainbows, Danios, Peacock Gudgeons and some Corydoras. I found all four enjoyed the granular food every time. The granules distributed to all areas of the tank quickly allowing all the fish to get stuck in. Im not sure if it was the smell or taste of the granules but each time they hit the surface, it was a feeding frenzy. 

The mini algae wafers were a big hit with my bristle nose plecos. I also used them in my shrimp tank.  Breaking them up a little gave my shrimp plenty to eat. I never noticed any waste due to the snails mopping up any left overs.
These are the three important factors that I based my opinion on.
Fish AcceptanceWasteWater Clouding Starting with the Granular food. I liked using this one the m…

I thought aquariums were supposed to be relaxing.......

We all enjoy setting up a new aquarium. from the panning to the adding of fish. Each stage is just as enjoyable as the next. I particularly enjoy the the planning stage. Continuously looking at fish species, plants, rocks, substrate and putting together my best combination.

One side, and probably the only side of fish keeping I dread, is moving tanks. I can just about cope with moving a tank from one room to an other. Thats not too bad. But, when your moving house and you have 3 aquariums to move, it can get a bit stressful.

Currently, I have a 190 litre, 80 litre and at the time of moving, a 18 litre tank too. This presents me with a multitude of challenges. Where do I put my fish? should i break the tanks down completely and start over? what do I do with substrate? should I set up a temporary tank?

If I put my sensible head on, Im thinking I should set up a temporary tank to house the fish from my 190 litre tank. This would allow me to break it down completely and rescape the tank w…

MyTankMonday - Lindy Crawford Aiken

Name: Lindy Aiken

Age: 41yrs

Location: Stewarton 

Experience: 5yrs

So what attracted you to fish keeping?  As a teenager I loved animals and fish, had a variety of pets and 3 tanks, one cold and 2 tropical. When I left home I didn't have fish, I moved around too much. I got back into fish when I was due to give up my dog grooming business to become a full time mum. I thought I'd be bored stuck at home with a baby! I got a pair of dwarf puffers and 5 amano shrimp to clean up after them. This started the love affair with shrimp that has never ended. I've currently got prls in a shrimp only tank. 
How do you describe your current set up? I have 3 tanks currently, a 50l shrimp, a 200l tank and my 550l community. The 550 is 5x2x2ft filtered and heated by an eheim 1700lph thermo filter. Lighting is 2 dsuny led panels. It has only been set up a couple of months so the plants have a lot of filling out to do. It is mainly crypts with some hygrophila pinnatifida, lotus, buces and anubias.  S…

And the winner is.......

Hi Guys,

Thank you to everybody who entered our competition this month. I am overwhelmed with the entries this time. We have had lots of entries and all of them were really good. I would never have been able to pick a winner myself, so this time round I thought I would do it different and have our competition sponsor Fish Science pick the winners.

All the entries were sent off to be judged at 6pm today and I have now received the winners.

Our runners up were...

And the winner of the competition is....

Congratulations to all three winners. If you could please message me with your address I will arrange for your prizes to be sent out direct from Fish Science.

Thanks again for everybody who took the time to enter. I have enjoyed looking at all the great photos...

bye for now.

Aquarium Filters - Size does matter

Filtering the water is something most hobbyists become pretty clued up on over the years. Partly through trial and error and also advice from shopkeepers and other fishkeepers. The right filter is important to the wellbeing of the fish and really helps maintain healthy bacteria and keep nice clear water.

When I first began keeping fish, I used an internal filter which wasn't strong enough for the tank size. I struggled to keep the water clear and I noticed that the surface of the water was not moving much and had developed a film of oily grime.

I added another internal filter which increased the water movement but i was still needing to do huge water changes to keep on top of the nitrate levels. This still didn't solve the oily surface problem either. It wasn't until I discovered external canister filters that i really understood how important the correct filter was.

When I decide to set up a new aquarium, I think of the following:

Species of fish & conditions best sui…

Species Spotlight - The Peacock Gudgeon

It wasn't until the lead up to our first ever table top sale that I discovered the peacock gudgeon. David & Jacki from Riverside were bringing them along to sell and when I seen a photo,I just had to get some.

When I kept marine fish, some of my favour species were the Gobies and Blennies. There is something funny about there grumpy looking faces. The peacock Gudgeon which is also know as the Peacock Goby is no different.

With their light neon blue bodies is covered with red stripes, stunning yellow tipped fins and distinctive eye spot on there tail, they make an interesting addition to any planted tank. Almost everyone that looks at my aquarium single out my big male.

Both male and females look similar with the only real difference being that the male develops a rounded head where as the females head remains pointy. Females are also suppose to have yellow patch on there stomachs. Although I have males with the yellow patches too so I'm not sure how accurate that descripti…