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What a year we have had. Bring on 2017!

Hi guys,

With Christmas nearly here, we all have lots to be doing around the house. If your home is anything like mine, you have excited kids and busy adults. We are in the process of wrapping presents, shopping for gifts, cleaning the unseen parts of the house (apparently this needs done for the new year?) and doing all this at the same time as trying to attend nativity shows and cover the normal day-to-day duties.

Christmas is a great time but a busy time. I often find that my aquariums tend to drop further down the list of things to do. Although they do still get maintained etc, the amount of time available to maybe move some plants about or re-scape the main tank again dwindles away and is replaced by TV shows like 50 greatest Christmas songs or top ten all time favourite toys. Only at this time of year would we find these nostalgic shows entertaining but we all find ourself laughing away. These TV shows always appear year after year at Christmas and I think its because we all lik…

And the winner is..........CO2 ART

Hi Guys,

As you know we are celebrating reaching 2k members and our first competition has come to an end and we can now announce the winners.

CO2 Art are a company that has been kind to our group over the last year. They have provided us with several DIY CO2 kits which we have gave away as prizes. We have also seen multiple fertiliser products and other aquascaping related items.

Lothian Fishkeepers are becoming increasingly interested in the layout of the decor within their aquariums these days and with more and more of us looking to achieve perfection, we are turning to companies like CO2 Art for the tools to do so.

With the prize being eVouchers for the online store, it made sense for the competition to be aquascaped.

We had some great entries and the guys at CO2 Art struggles to pick a winner, so much so that they decided to have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place instead.

So without any further delay the winners are:

In 3rd place
In 2nd place
and the winner is


Betta 1050 Canister filter review

Hi Guys,

For most of us money dictates which direction our hobby goes. Wether its opting for a lesser adventurous fish or a smaller aquarium, Money always has the final say. If we could visit our local store and take whatever we wanted, our homes would be filled with shiny new aquariums running of the biggest external filters you could imagine.

When I first started fish keeping, everything I was able to get my hands on was preowned. Aquariums should always be passed on when your done with them, I think anyway! I was young when I started and with a lack of free cash, the chance of a new (to me, anyways) filter was always welcomed.

Its great to be able to buy the best but sometimes your fish keeping funds just don't allow that and we have to look for cheaper alternatives.

There is a few brands out there that are working hard to offer products that can compete on functionality and quality while trying to keep the price tags realistic. One of those brands is 'Betta'

They offer …

We just went past the 2000 member mark!

Hi Guys,

We just hit the 2000 member mark and to celebrate I thought I would remember some of the great things we have done together as a group of the the last 4 years....

When we first started out, we were called the West Lothian Tropical Fish Exchange. The group was set up originally as a local group for buying and selling fish and equipment in and around the west lothian Area. I admit that when the group started, I had no idea what I was doing and only used the group to find new fish. Over time I started to share interesting articles and facts about keeping fish and began to engage more in conversations. I also tried to help people find things they were looking for.

The first every photo uploaded to our group was one of my own and it was of some Malawi Cichlids I was looking to swap. I had not long returned to fish keeping after a few years break. on returning to the hobby I was amazed at how much the internet had become a big part of the hobby. In the past I had never associated t…

Undefined Art - by Andrea Freel

Hi Guys,
Lothian Fishkeepers has a lot of very good fish breeders, Aquascapers and shrimp keepers too. Andrea Freel has gave one of her tanks a revamp. She says its not an aquascape or biotope or even a planted tank but I think its everything that I would like my tank to be so well done Andrea!
So Andrea, Thanks again for sharing your aquariums with the group. You certainly do have what it takes to produce beautiful looking aquariums. Your previous set up was a twin tank design what made you go for a single tank this time round?
The diptych (twin tank) aquascape I did at the start of this year is slightly painful to look after, to be honest.  You have to do a lot of plant maintenance, a lot of cleaning and general tank maintenance and do it doubly each time. 
You bet I did not want this again!
And, we already had the tank and equipment. In essence, this new one is a total revamp of a tank that was already running.
With your latest tank, what was your inspiration? 
Fish, wood and botanicals …