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Are Facebook groups bad for our hobby?

There once was a time when information was passed onto beginners by experienced Fishkeepers. Eventually our hobby was filled with reference books packed with information about newly discovered species and how to care for them in the home aquarium. With the establishment of aquarist societies up and down the country, our hobby was in safe hands. We could meet Fishkeepers in person and share our experiences - good and bad!
The fishkeeping hobby grew from strength to strength with the development of technology offering easier and more effective ways to cater for more and more fish being introduced to the hobby year upon year. Aquarist societies were holding events with lots of members coming along and overall things were going great. Some may say that these days were the best days, the golden era of fish keeping.
Then came along the internet!
Suddenly information was available to anyone prepared to search for it on their computer. This came mainly in the form of the Forums.Websites with cha…

FishScience Food Trial-End of Week

Hi I'm Jacqui, I posted last week about trying out FishScience food in my African Cichlid tank.

So the fish have been eating the Malawi pellets and flakes for a week.  They certainly have enjoyed eating it. It is hard to speculate on future health and colour, but they certainly are looking vibrant. This is the mob at feeding time today.

 The nitrates are similar to normal, but the water clarity after feeding is definitely better.

The clown loaches especially liked a little treat with the stick on algae tablets. It provides a great photo opportunity too!

I must invest in a new camera, those fish like to keep me spending my money on them!  I will be continuing with the FishScience pellets/flakes and recommend it to anyone who hasn't given it a try yet.  The ingredients are one of the main things I look at when buying food for my fish.  I aim to get as close to a natural diet as possible.  
Thanks for letting us try your food!