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Which CO2 diffuser is right for your aquarium?

The CO2 diffuser is a very important piece of equipment used to inject CO2 into your aquarium to promote healthy plant growth. Having the ability to break down the CO2 gas into tiny bubbles that are then dissolved and absorbed by the plants during the photosynthesis process is really important. After all,  the more you can break down the gas, the more your plants can absorb and the less CO2 is wasted.

There are a variety of different styles of diffusers available which can be split into two types. 
In-tank diffusers - the clue is in the name here. They sit inside your aquarium and create millions of tiny bubbles that are quickly dissolved within the water.
Inline diffusers - These attach onto the outlet pipe of an external canister filter, between the canister and the spray bar inside the aquarium. 
Both do things the same way. They are supplied CO2 by a regulator attached to a CO2 cylinder. The CO2 is forced into the diffuser and pushed through a ceramic element. The Ceramic element …