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Have you met us yet? - Come along and say hi

Hi Guys,

Things are getting quite busy for me recently with our upcoming Cichlid Addicted event just round the corner.  I have been organising prizes, samples, speakers, food and loads more to make sure the day is one to remember.

Members of our Facebook group will be familiar with FishScience and will be happy to know that Dave Pool will be joining us for the first time on the 30th April to give us a very informative talk on fish nutrition. This will be a 30 minute talk and Dave will have lots of samples of his insect meal based foods our fish all love.

I am also excited about our main raffle prize for this even,t as a group we have been lucky over the years to have had some great prizes and our next raffle prize is no exception. After lots of communication and a previous review of this excellent product I am delighted to be able to offer one lucky winner 1x an Interpet Tri-Spec LED Light Unit to fit their aquarium plus an added Bluetooth App Controller to go with it. A HUGE thank you …

The FishScience Pond Fish Range - give your fish what they want

Hi Guys,

Springtime is the time of year when pond owners begin to prepare for the warmer months ahead. Maintenance is carried out to repair any damage caused by our winter weather. Clearing out any unwanted overgrown weeds and algae is essential now because it can be in abundance mid spring. Ideally aiming for 50% of the water surface to be free for the coming summer months. 
This is the best time to decide on any major changes or upgrades you wish to do to your pond. Most good aquatic stores and garden centres begin to promote their pond ranges and have some great deals of you look around. Its also a good time to stock up on pond food.
The diet of your pond fish is the key to having a healthy successful pond. Much in the same way as your aquarium fish, pond fish like Koi would feed on insects in the wild. This is why Dr David Pool has created his range of pond foods using natural ingredients like insect meal, vegetables & spirulina algae to name a few.

Provides a diet that pond fi…

Spring is in the air - time for a walk

Hi Guys,

Springtime at our local pond is exciting. After a cold winter, void of plant life, its great to see some greener coming back. First to pop out the ground is the snowdrops (Galanthus Nivalis). Whenever I see those little white flowers I know spring is just round the corner.
These little flowers generate their own heat which actually melts the snow or frost around them in order to flourish and announce spring.
Mentioned in literature as early as the 4th century, Galanthus meaning milk white flower and Nivalis means resembling snow in latin.
Normally next to follow is the Crocus. Another small flower that comes into bloom soon after the snowdrop to let the world know spring is coming and winter is almost over. The Crocus is part of the iris family and round my local pond, we see yellow, purple and white flowers in bunches. We are lucky to live beside woodlands because both these flowers appear along the paths in abundance. I often go walking with one of my daughters to pick some o…

Fishkeeper Stories - Carl Bethell

Hi Guys,

Last week one of our new members posted a video of his tank and it really caught my eye. Ive seen some cracking cichlids pop up in our group but this mix of South American cichlids was awesome. I contacted our member Carl and asked if he would like to share his story with us for our blog.

First of all, can you tell everyone who you are, where you live and how long you have been in the hobby?

Ok so I'm Carl Bethell, I live in the Rhondda valley in South Wales and I've grown up around fish. My dad has bred discus and kept fish since I was a kid. I got my first aquarium of my own when I got my own house about ten years ago.

I studied biology at university of South Wales and graduated in 2012. I'm a qualified scuba diver and have had the privilege of doing research for my university work. This includes diving off the coast of Gaya island in Malaysia and doing surveys in the jungle of Sabah, Borneo

What a privilege indeed. So many fishkeepers must dream of being able to vi…

Fish Shop Stories - The Fin Room

Hi Guys,

I know you have all been enjoying reading about our fellow fishkeepers and their tanks. I myself really enjoy writing them. Its always good to find out who is behind some of the best aquariums in the group.

However, behind all great fishkeepers are great fish shops. This has gave me the idea of speaking to our local fish shops and finding out more about the people that run these shops.

First up is The Fin Room in Motherwell. This shop has been open for just over a year now and has quickly established themselves in the the hobby.

Shop Name: The Fin Room Aquatics & Pets

Owner: Danielle Jordan

Location: 242 Merry Street, Motherwell, ML1 1ND

Established: 4th February 2016

So Danielle, what led you to owning a fish shop? 

I have kept lots of fish over the years starting from one tank to having 26! Ha! Converting a large cupboard in my house my hobby grew to finally opening a shop! Talk about hobbiest gone mad! But it's all good, I currently have a discus setup at home with a few…