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Carl Bethell - What have you been up to?

A while ago, we interviewed one of our members and found out all about the rare South American cichlids he was keeping and the plans he had for his hobby. Today we meet back up with Carl to see just how his plans have come to fruition.

So Carl, You have been busy since our last interview. Tell us what you have been up to?
Yeah I’ve been really busy. The fish room is now up and running, still making a rack for the back wall but I have a few tanks running. The biggest being an 8x2x2 that I bought recently. The fish room came around at the right time really, as a few of my pairs have been breeding for me lately and I needed the space.

I enjoyed watching you build the fishhouse and it looks like you have put a lot of thought into it all. Did you plan the layout based on your existing livestock or did you have plans to try something new ?
I knew I wanted one large tank and some smaller tanks for breeding. I built it to the size I was allowed really. I wouldn’t plan around my stock because I’m …

The Fish Shop Directory

Hi Guys

We have some great aquarium shops throughout the country. I thought it would be a good idea to list as many as possible in order to let people know about them. I asked the members of Lothian Fishkeepers Facebook group for suggestions and based on the feedback, I contacted the following stores and invited them to be listed in our 'Directory of Scottish Aquatics Shops'.

Our directory is by no means complete. There is no rating applied to any shops included and all shops have been suggested by members of our community. The aim is to offer our readers a workable list of  places to visit.
If you have any suggestions for the directory please email

Fishkeeper Melville Dobbies Garden Centre Melville Nursery Lasswade Edinburgh EH181AZ
Tel: 0131 6639814

Great saltwater section with lots of corals and fish species on saleWide selection of cold water & tropical fish availableMassive dry goods sectionDedicated system for freshwater inverts and Betta …

Aquascape - on the cheap

Fishkeeping can be an expensive hobby. There really is no limit to what can be spent on some setups. Size, Stock and Style all dictate the cost of your home aquarium. Wether your choosing freshwater or saltwater you can be sure to find a gadget for every element of the hobby. With the home aquarium industry topping 36 million pounds every year in the UK alone, nobody can deny Fishkeepers are spending money on the hobby they love.

For some of us, spending lots of money isn't possible and we look to alternative ways to achieve our goals. Money saving skills are probably more noticeable when it comes to decorating our aquariums. Depending on the type of aquarium your aiming for, you can easily pick up some nice rocks or river stones, gravel, wood and fallen leaves from most local woodland areas or riversides.

Now, obviously to create an aquascape you have to use aquarium safe products. Not all wood and rock you may come across will be suitable and these could come with disastrous res…

My Tank Monday - Sarah Rutherford

Name: Sarah Rutherford 
Location: Falkirk 
How long have you been keeping fish: Since September 2017
How did you get into the hobby? I wanted to for a few years but my requests to be allowed a tank were always met with refusal from my other half. Eventually it was my mum who let me set up my first tank at her house. After proving my dedication to that tank my hubby eventually gave in three months later when I set up my 240l at home!
Can you describe your current setup:  I have four currently. The main one being my Fluval Roma 240 community tank in my living room which is becoming quite heavily populated with plants interspersed with some nice pieces of wood with black substrate. I am running the Fluval Aquasky lighting system which the plants love and me both love! Currently swimming about in this aquarium I have: Scissortail Rasbora (Rasbora trilineata)Congo Tetra (Phenacogrammus interruptus)Black Phantom Tetra (Hyphessobrycon megalopterus)Emperor Tetra (Nematobrycon Palmeri)Ceylon Killifis…