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Starter Box Shrimp - Shrimpin' made easy

Now that Christmas is well and truly over, Its time to get back to fishkeeping. The first thing I want to share is the latest tank Ive set up. Its a small 20l nano aquarium that will house some shrimps.

I really wanted this tank to be low maintenance and straight forward so I decided to use a new bit of kit I've been looking at for some time. This is the Starter Box Shrimp from Prodibio. As you know Ive used some of the Prodibio water treatments in the past so I know how good they are. What appealed to me the most about this box was the all-in-one kit idea.

In the box was:

Aquashrimp Powder (soil)Bacterkit SoilChloral Reset NanoStartup NanoBioclean Fresh Nano This is basically everything you need to set up a 20l aquarium specifically for freshwater shrimp. It appeals to me because it saves time sourcing everything individually. My aquarium the time round was an empty Dennerle 20l nano cube. Having used this tank a couple of times in the past with no success, Im really interested t…