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Barilius Bakeri - The Blue Spotted Hill Trout

The Barilius Bakeri or Blue spotted Hill Trout is a shoaling fish you won't see very often in the local fish stores. Originating from the Western Ghats mountains in southwestern India, these Cyprinidaes offer an appealing alternative to the usual barbs/danios.
You may see these fish being sold under several names like 'blue-dotted mirror fish' or 'royal danio' all sporting the catching bluish-green spots along the length of the body. These spots begin to fade slightly as the fish ages. a paper white flick is also present on the tip of the dorsal and anal fins.

In the aquarium they should be kept in groups of five or more. This will allow the species to develop a pecking order and prevent other smaller fish being targeted. If kept in a smaller group, the smallest fish could become a continuous target for the more dominant fish and if kept individually, they would eventually become aggressive to any similar looking fish in the aquarium. With this in min…

MyTankMonday - Carol Barr

Name: Carol Barr

Age: 55

Location: Clackmannan

Hi Guys,

Carol only joined Lothian Fishkeepers 1 month ago but has fast become one of the most active members we have. Carol was the lucky winner of the Leddy full set up aquarium which was donated by Phil at East Lothian Fishkeepers for our Tabletop Sale and was rather excited and terrified at the same time.

I asked Carol if she would like to share her hobby with us and even while out on photography trips to Dunfermline Glen, she still found the time to answer some questions.

How long have you been in the hobby? Got my first tank when I was 7. Dad got me it as a make up coz mum refused to go to Spain for a holiday! Wasn't very long before one....became seven.....! I had a break for a few years, but got back into it last year when I got my tank for my birthday.  History is repeating has fast became three.....with  fourth being worked on!!Was MY tank, but it very quickly became mums tank. To the point one night dad was on the …

BioKit Fresh - Whats it all about?

Hi Guys,
I recently posted a request for members to try out some Prodibio Biokit Fresh additives. I received lots of requests but as I was given 10 boxes, I could only pick 10 people for this review. Thanks for all the interest and if you were not able to taker part this time round, I have kept your name for the next batch which is due out soon.
Here is the official description of the product:
Combines all the products needed to maintain a planted freshwater aquarium in the same pack.
- composed of live bacterial strains
- aquarium cleaning by waste matter digestion is helped by the presence of numerous different strains of heterotrophic bacteria
- nitrates and phosphates are reduced in your freshwater aquarium
- enables water to be effectively purified
- prevents the spread of filamentous algae
- converts ammonia into nitrites - nitrites into nitrates - and - nitrates into nitrogenBioTrace:
- contains all the microelements needed for aquarium life (amino acids, enzymes, natural vitam…

The perks of being a Lothian Fishkeeper

Being a Lothian Fishkeepers is not just about coming on Facebook and sharing the hobby. It's not just about coming along to our tabletop sales and it's not just about taking part in our competitions from time to time. Being a Lothian Fishkeepers is about being part of a community that supports each other and shares good advice without judging, It's about helping each other out.

I want to help our local shops remain at the heart of our hobby. Some of the best advice I've ever had has come from my local fish store. I believe, if we look after our shops, they will look after us. Lothian Fishkeepers is a platform for shops to communicate with Fishkeepers directly. We should be able to let shop keepers know what we need and in turn they should be able to inform us about what's available and so on.

I want to create a network of fish stores and Fishkeepers that all work together for Lothian Fishkeepers will offer our members a discount of 10% off all marked prices in stor…

A new way to feed your plants

Its been 4 weeks since I planted this tank. This time round, I removed the CO2 and also stopped dosing EI salts. I wanted to try out a new product (new to me) called Biovert from Prodibio. This came in the form of glass veils which you add every 15 days. I have added 2 in total and the growth I have had from all these plants is remarkable.
First of all, let me show you what the tank looked like at the beginning.

I received, some lovely plants from Tropica for this tank and all were potted and nice and healthy. I used the following plants.
Pogostemon HelferiEchinodorus BarthiiCryptocoryne BeckettiiNymphoides Hydrophilia

This being the first time I used Tropica plants, I was really impressed with the sturdiness and quality of roots each plant had. This made separating and planting easy and straight forward. After deciding on the layout and planting, A quick water change and clean up was done to remove all the little leaves etc floating around after planting. I would normally use CO2 and…

The Hydor Professional 250 External - Review

I like to think of aquarium filters as the heart of any setup. If your filter is healthy, your water, fish and plants will thank you. Picking the right filter is important too and with so many different options out there, your spoilt for choice. I always prefer an external whenever possible and I recently got my hands on the Hydor Professional External 250 filter for my 50g corner tank. This was my first filter from Hydor. I have used their wave makers when I kept marine and always found them to be great quality so I was looking forward to getting it set up.

The 250 model is advised to be used on aquariums between 40-75 gal so its ideal for my tank and what I'm looking to use it for (freshwater tropical). The description states that at full power this filter can deliver up to 750l/h circulation too which is ideal. Im not looking for super high flow due to having lots of live plants.

On opening the box I found it well packaged and nice and easy to unpack with not too much waste pa…

It needs to be done

Hi Guys,

After our lengthy conversation last night, I thought I would take the time to clarify and post our "rules" for everybody to see and hopefully prevent any other confusion.

I hoped I could avoid having a list of rules and for over 3 years, we have done just fine with out any set rules but I feel it's for the best now to have some guidlines in place for everyone's benefit.

I have put a lot of time and work into our community and in doing so, I have met a lot of great people. Our group is getting bigger and busier with people joining from all over the world. I have recently brought in William to help with the day to day running of the group so I can continue to look for more ways to offer you guys great prizes and events. William has my full backing on anything he acts upon or posts within the group so in turn deserves the same respect I have received over the years.

We are getting some nice sponsored products and samples which will be given away as prizes. Our …