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Love your hobby - a call to action!

There is a quote I see pop up from time to time that I've been thinking about this morning. I think it is very suited to the fishkeeping hobby right now and one that every fishkeeper should really embrace.

"Do what you love & Love what you do"
We all love keeping fish. This is evident each time I visit our Facebook group and read the conversations everyone is having. I see so many people get so much from their hobby each and every day. People making new friends, discovering new species, sharing advice, support and experience. As far as our hobby goes, us fishkeepers are great at supporting each other. 
However, as with any hobby, there is an industry behind it making money by selling the things we all need, bringing out new and innovative products to make fishkeeping even better. These companies play a vital role in our hobby, without the forward thinking of people like Gunther Eheim who created the first suction filter who knows where we would be. 
Society today is …

Bacteria - its not all that bad

Hi Guys,

Maintaining an aquarium is straight forward when you look at the basics. Water changes, cleaning the filter, the glass and gravel each week. These are the basic chores a fish keeper is required to do to keep their fishtanks in tip top condition. Have you ever wondered why we use gravel? or why there are different types of media for your filter?

Most aquarium filters consist of a mechanical, Chemical and Biological filtration system, usually, sponges, ceramic or stone blocks plus carbon/charcoal bags.

Mechanical Filtration picks up the large waste like excess food or fish wasteChemical Filtration removes decaying tissues that are present in tap water. Biological Filtration removes any ammonia or nitrate It can sound a little confusing to new fishkeepers however, the modern filters are designed to do all the work for you.

I believe the Biological element of your filtration is the most important one. after all its alive. Some may say that swell as fishkeepers, we also look after …