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Today was a happy day!

Hi Guys,

Our local pond is a big part of my daily routine. Every school morning and afternoon I walk passed it and see the swans, ducks and other wildlife that calls the Lanthorn pond home. Its an amazing thing to have right on your doorstep and I very much cherish it.

Over the years, Ive seen swans come and go but there's always been at least one pair of adult swans that remain all year round. Sometimes through the winter, we get unexpected visits from hopeful swans looking to find a new home. These situations always end up in our swans running the length of the pond in a display that would scare away even the most determined of trespassers.

With all the dramas of winter out the way and spring time almost over, there has been a bit of a buzz around the pond recently. Anyone thats passed the pond will have seen the nest our lovely swans have built on the island. More importantly, The cygnets little fuzzy grey heads peaking out the top of that nest.

Well, today our proud parents too…

The Fishkeepers Widow....

Hi Guys,

I want to talk about a very well hidden part of our hobby. Something that us fishkeepers don't like to speak about and often keep hidden away from other fishkeepers. I want to talk about the fishkeepers widow. 

The Fishkeepers Widow
When we are enjoying our hobby and we are maintaining our aquariums with regular water changes, daily feeding of the fish and constantly tinkering away at things, it can really take up our time. I know from personal experience that Saturday morning water changes can evolve into full day sessions. You start off with what should be a quick 20% water change but you spot a plant thats needing moved, then you discover eggs so your setting up that breeder tank you had in the cupboard. Lets face it guys, we could spend every spare minute of our time on our fishtanks. Thats the way your supposed to feel when you have a hobby you love. Or at least so I thought.....
I live in a busy house with my wife,  five children a dog and a cat. My spare time doesn…

What a Day!

Hi Guys,

All the planning and organising was definitely worth it because yesterday went really well. With roughly 200 people coming along, there was lots of happy faces leaving with bags of goodies for their fishtanks.  With 11 tables packed with everything from the smallest of live foods to fishtanks and everything in between anyone that came along was sure to find something they wanted. I personally picked up some cracking plants from Michal Kwil along with a nice group of Betta edithae from Alex Carslaw. I even managed to get something for my Daughter too. I just couldn't resist getting one of the Plush Corydoras from Craig Hamiltons table. Ive been after one for my daughter Ava for a while so when I seen them I grabbed one straight away. I also took home some nice little snails from Liam Gilmour including a freshwater clam! I now just need to wait until my hand is  better is I can get the new plants in place that I picked up from Michal Kwil. For now I will be trying all the fo…