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Tackling algae a different way

Hi Guys,


One of the most annoying things to ever have in an aquarium. It covers your substrate, hardscape, glass and in some bad cases, your plants too. Ive even heard of some cases when the filter impaler has been damaged because of hair algae.

In most aquariums, algae is the enemy and we do everything we can to keep it at bay. The most successful way to prevent algae in a planted aquarium is to keep your plants as healthy as possible and avoid overfeeding your fish. I like to think of algae and plants being at war for the nutrients in the water. Supporting your army of plants with things like CO2 injections and fertilisers along with quality substrates makes them strong, healthy and fast growing, hungry plants. Plants that will quickly consume the nutrients in the water. Healthy plants and lots of them, will always out compete algae for nutrients. So as long at your not overfeeding your fish and your regularly doing your water changes the imposing army of algae will remain unde…

Tackling the external filter - a beginners guide

Hi Guys,

Most of us start our with small manageable aquariums with internal filters and carrying out maintenance on these aquariums was fairly straight forward. 25% water change and a quick rinse of the sponges inside your filter and your done. While the simple life is always good, its just typical of us to want something bigger and better so these easy manageable setups generally get swapped for a bigger aquarium. With bigger aquarium comes bigger fish and bigger fish require more filtration. Suddenly your simple little internal filter just wont cut it anymore and your looking at upgrading to an external filter. For a lot of beginners this can be quite a daunting experience.

I remember my first Fluval external filter. I remember that noise when I switched it on without filling it with water. I also remember flooding the cabinet several times in the process of filling or "priming" it too.

Over the years, Ive had different filters. Wet/Dry ones, Hang on Back ones and internal…