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Cichlid Addicted with Jim Cumming

Hi Guys,

With our upcoming Cichlid event, I want to take a closer look at some of the Cichlid keepers in our community and find out why these fish are loved by so many of us. This week I have been chatting to Jim Cumming about his Cichlid Addiction.

First of all Jim, can you let us know where it all began? 
I’m Canadian by birth and have lived my entire life in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I've been keeping fish since I was 10 years old, and other than being away from the hobby for short periods, I am a 'lifer'.  I've been in the aquarium hobby since 1954, starting with a 1 gallon pickle jar, some bird gravel, a sprig of cabomba and a gravid female Platy. From that point on, fish keeping has been an ongoing passion. I first started keeping cichlids seriously as a teen, and this pursuit has pretty much continued unabated up to the present. Other than being a generalist in the early years and a 15 year love affair with killifish( my on-line moniker ‘notho2000’ ) it’s been …

Fish Science - The New Official Sponsor

Hi Guys, 

I would like to announce Fish Science as the new official Lothian Fishkeepers group sponsor. We have already seen Dr David Pool show is support for the group through various competitions and samples which is why Fish Science was the only company that came to mind when thinking about a group sponsor.  
With the support of our new sponsor, We will now be sending a gift to anyone that is featured on our blog. Fish Science will also be continuing to provide prizes to our competitions too.
Dr David Pool is the founder of fish Science. With 3 books and over 250 articles written on on fishkeeping and having appeared on Tv and radio across the world, his knowledge will prove invaluable to our group. You can meet Dr David Pool when he is speaking at our Cichlid Addicted event on the 30th April in Livingston. 

The following information has been taken from the Fish Science website to give you a bit of history about Dr David Pool and the Fish Science story.

"We’re passionate about fish.…

Fathers & Daughters & Fishtanks - Barry Gibb

Hi Guys,

Since starting the blog, Ive been running a features on members tanks. One of the questions I've been asking is why did you get into fishkeeping? Almost all of you have said the reason you like fish is because you grew up with either your mum or dad having fishtanks.

Being a parent now myself, I try to get the kids involved when ever I can but our Facebook member Barry Gibb is the perfect example of a Father & Daughter partnership. Ive been chatting to Barry about how He shares his fishtanks with his daughter Chloe who turns 5 in March.

First of all Barry, how long have you been in the hobby and what got you into fishkeeping?
Ive kept my own tanks now for 16years, the inspiration came from the big tank in the family home and my big brother also kept a large goldfish aquarium in his bedroom where all our priced Goldy's from the years of gala days went to live. The first thing I did when the wife and I got our first house was buy a aquarium.

How many tanks do you have a…

Size Matters to Scott Allison

Hi Guys,

If your a member of Lothian Fishkeepers, you will have see one of our members updating us as he built a monster fish tank. I have been chatting to Scott Allison about his new tank and finding out just what was it takes to build a tank like that.

Like most of us, Scott got into fish keeping because of his dad and growing up around fishtanks. Starting of with swordtails in his bedroom at his parents house he always wanted something more. It was when he got his first home that he upgraded and started keeping Oscars and Paroon sharks. Soon after that it was Arowana and Red tail Catfish. The one thing that really got to Scott with keeping the big predator fish was when he had to move them on. So from a goldfish bowl to a 4ft then 5ft, 6ft, 7ft and finally his current 9ft tank.

First of all the dimensions of this tank are 9ft Long x 3.5ft Wide and 2ft High with 12mm thick glass. It is truly a beast of a tank. In order for this tank to sit safely it required a steel stand with a 6 in…

Aqualantis Deco Horizon 50 with Tropica Plants & Substrate

Hi Guys,

Its the start of a new year and with that the start of a new project for me. Ive recently finished setting up my sons bedroom aquarium. Its a smalll 50 litre tank and I've planted it with a mixture of plants from Tropica. The tank is an open top and Im hoping to make the most of that by choosing plants that will break the surface and develop flowers.

As far as livestock, Ive changed my mind so many times that I'm still undecided. My son is wanting some shrimps that he can possibly breed. I want something that will offer more movement but with the open top, I'm really restricted.

For now, Let me show you the setup and maybe you can give me some suggestions of small, non-jumping fish that would look nice in a planted tank.

First of all, the aquarium Ive used is:

Aqualantis Deco Horizon 60 (black and white model)

For substrate I opted for the Tropica Aquarium Soil. I find this offers a nice granular size along with great nutrients for the plant roots. I also like the …