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Craig Coleman - a man with a vision.....

Hi Guys, 
Ive recently been enjoying seeing some aquarium photos from our member Craig Coleman. There is soemthing that stands out about his set up that drove me to find out more. Craig was kind enough answer some questions and share some photos also. 

First of all Craig, tell us a bit about yourself. How old are you, where do you live and what do you do for a living? 
I live in Culross, Fife and will be 40 this summer, yikes! I work as an IT Technician at the Hostelling Scotland head office in Stirling. So mostly typically mundane ‘can you fix my email’ type stuff, with the occasional 300 mile drive to enjoy the best roads and sights in the world… sometimes they even let me do some real work.
What led you to keeping your current tank? 
After my middle Son was born, I had a break from fishkeeping. Home moves and Job changes kept me out of the hobby for 5 years or so. Once we were settled here, I knew another tank was back on the cards. I gratefully accepted the donation of a 39”” Flu…

Seachem & Hugo Kamishi - Click & Collect

Hi Guys,

We all like visiting fish stores. Without them the hobby just wouldn't be the same. However they face massive challenges now adays with the internet becoming a lot of peoples first choice when looking for some new equipment. Its an issue that every local fish shop must face up to and combat one way or another.  Wether its by creating an online side to their shop offering various items, or attempting to match prices of online retailers. One things for sure is that the internet is here to stay.

Most brands now understand the importance of the local shop and are doing their part to help.

These two brands are made available to the hobby in the UK by the wholesaler ALF ltd. The guys at ALF know the importance of local shops and do a remarkable job of supporting them.

One of the best things they do is the click & collect on these two brands.

Both these brands have online stores that offer their full product range for sale. You are able to buy the the product you want and ha…

Fishkeeper Focus - Debbie Touhey

Hi Guys, 
This weeks tank feature belongs to Debbie Touhey. I have been asking her a few questions to find out a little more about her hobby. Grab a coffee, get comfy and enjoy reading....
Name: Debbie Touhey Age: 29 Location: Dalgety Bay/Fife
So Debbie, since joining Lothian Fishkeeper, you have shared some very nice photos of your fish and plants. You clearly have the fishkeeping bug and whatever you are doing, your doing it well. Can you let us know what led you to keeping fishtanks?
It all started when I was around 11 years old. I went to my friends house and she showed me her Dads huge fishtank. The only fish I remember seeing in the tank was a bright red betta and I just wanted one. I begged my dad to let me have a tropical fishtank after that but he was always wary of letting me play around with electricity and water and he ended up buying me a hamster instead (who was actually pregnant when we got it and we quickly ended up with 9 hamsters, joke was on him) but when I was 15 he gave…

LFK Auctions - connecting the best of us to the rest of us

Fishkeeping has many different areas of expertise. Wether your knowledge lies with food diet, building aquariums or even a specific fish, what you contribute to the hobby is invaluable. With 1 in 10 people owning a fishtank in the UK, thats a lot of people all contributing to the hobby. 
There is one particular part of the hobby that offers something special to the hobby. These guys provide high quality fish that a lot of the local shops just cant obtain through their normal suppliers. These guys have mastered breeding specific fish and while making it possible for us to get our hands on these often rare fish, we can reply in them for support and advice on keeping and even having a go at breeding these fish ourselves.
We know these superstars as the shed or private breeders. Not to confuse them with shed importers, the shed breeders have often established such reputations that people will travel further to get that special fish from them than they would travel to a shop. Now Im not ba…


The very reason for starting the blog was to share my opinions on various areas of the hobby and also to keep the group up to date with whats going on with our Lothian Fishkeepers. More recently the focus has been on individual members and product reviews.

I do enjoy writing about the members of our online group. I find this interesting and so do all of you. The stats always indicate that the posts that get the most hits are the members tank/shed stories. We are all proud of our set ups and having the opportunity to share it is always good.
I want to do more of these blogs and Im always looking for tanks that stand out so please let me know if your interested in being featured. Equally if there are any well known fishkeepers you would like featured, I can always approach them and ask the question. Heiko Bleher was very happy to answer some questions for our group a while ago so why not others...
Ive made a promise to myself that I am going to work very hard on the blog this year and …

Tri-Spec App controller - Review - *updated*

Hi Guys,

Lighting is a key factor in a successful planted tank. Some plants require a lot and some prefer less. knowing your plants needs is just as important as knowing your fish needs and having the right lights for your aquarium is a must. It is also important to consider the amount of time you have your lights switched on for too. This is called the "photo period" and the general advised length of time is a maximum of 9 hours.

For years, the best way to achieve a regular automatic lighting routine was to employ the services of a socket timer. These nippy little buggers consisted of a dial in which you would pick out the relevant time slots for whatever time you wanted the socket to power on for. Ive personally used these for CO2 setups and they do what they are supposed to do. I personally didn't like the extra space they took up, but maybe that was just the style I had.

It wasn't until LED light units started being introduced to the hobby that we really had a mod…